Mothers Day Basket-in-a-Box Winner!

It is Mothers Day evening. I had a wonderful day split between going to church and out to Applebee’s with my oldest two, Kenz and Mitch and then heading out of town to catch Spence’s last game of a weekend baseball tournament. I had a hard time keeping my eye on him since the assistant coach is such a hottie :-) Uhh…that would be my handsome hubby, Todd.

Now I’m home lounging on the couch. I can hear the hum of the mower and weed wacker as Todd and Mitch finish up some yard work. Spence announced a minute ago that he was headed to cruise the neighborhood and hopped on his bike. Kenz will be home from a movie with a friend soon. Then, from the looks of the balloons, cards and packages on the dining room table, we’ll finish up our Mother’s Day. Life is good…

And life just got better for the winner of this week’s Mothers Day Gift Basket-in-a-Box. She is:

Natalie- Timestamp: May 8, 2009; 10:06 a.m.

Whoo-hoo!!! Get ready to be pampered!

To the rest of you…enjoy the remainder of Mother’s Day. And tune back in this week for another Spring Has Sprung Give Away. It is a really useful and practical one you won’t want to miss!!!

Sweet Blessings,

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