A Warning


Dear Deer–

Yes, you sweet, innocent, lovely auburn creatures. You need to get out of Clinton County…..and fast!

You see, both of my sons just finished up Hunter Safety. It is a course designed to keep them safe while toting compound bows, razor-sharp broad head arrows and muzzle-loaders, but keeping YOU safe?

Not so much….

So bright and early tomorrow morning, they will wolf down homemade biscuits and sausage gravy, don their camo gear, shinny up a deer blind (a huge stand in a tree you will not notice) and take aim at you!

Oh dear, my deer….run for your life!

I know they enjoy venison steak and cowboy chili made from ground….well….you!  I know they tell me the deer population NEEDS to be thinned out each year.

I only have bad memories of the movie Bambi. It still makes me cry!

So, take my advice…..scat!!!

When they return home empty-handed….I’ll offer to take them out for Chinese. 

That is their second favorite kind of food.

You, my deer, are their first!!!!

Sweet-I-Told-You-So Blessings,


  1. Interesting article. The increase in crime no matter which country you orginate from is increasing and it can only help to take heed of these types of additional security measures such as that you discuss above.

  2. How well my heart agress with you! We’ve recently accepted a country church – our yard is full of deer and wild hogs.
    The church is full of hunters – including some of my family.
    My husband “hunts” with video camera. We do eat what is given us – but just don’t tell he how cute the deer or hog was before you processed him! :0) LOL – I’d hate to visual Banbi while I am eating! But thank God for the food!

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