Monday, Monday….

Welcome to all of you who have joined us after hanging out at the Hearts at Home conference last weekend. What fun we had! Girlfriends, giggles, learning and lunch…..and best of all SOMEONE ELSE WATCHED OUR KIDS FOR A WHILE!!! Yeah!

However, I know many of you were anxious to get back home to your babies (me too!) and dive back into reality, refreshed and renewed. Todd and I took an extra night alone at the Amway Grand Hotel, since it was where we spent our wedding night. We slept in, had a leisurely breakfast and then headed back home….

Where laundry, and grocery shopping and dirty floors and schooling were waiting patiently for me. Uggh!!

So, after heading out to the gym to hop on the treadmill and watch a little news of the day, It’ll be back to the ole’ (but fulfilling) mommy grind.

Please check back in later this week, where I’ll be offering a fall giveaway with a chance to win some goodies!!!

In the mean time, make the most of your  Monday, cyber friends!

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  1. My weekend was a little different – my husband who is NEVER ill had prostate cancer removed this weekend. God is so good!
    The doctor is sure he got it all. We are back at home and I’m back at work – had to come back to work on Tuesday – but he’s doing well – he will be 60 on the 20th of October – but he’s still going strong physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
    He pastors a small country church and they are “loving him and caring for him” – God has shown us so many of our friends we really never knew we had! Isn’t HE great that way!
    So, it’s back to work – but with renewed faith in the LORD.

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