Sacrificial Love

Hi sweet cyber sisters.

I am jumping back into life full force today after our trip to the mountains for my mother-in-law’s 80th.

Laundry. School. General ‘catch up’ duties like grocery shopping. I don’t have time for a long post.

However, I wanted to show you a story of sacrificial love that touched my heart this morning.

Now, before reading this, you must know that I have been the shoulder to cry on for a sweet someone in my life whose ex-husband is trying everything in his power to NOT have to pay for her health insurance any longer. Yes siree. He’s pulled about every trick in the book to get her coverage cancelled; missing payments, writing down his social security number wrong to slow the process, etc.. If her coverage lapses, it will be nearly impossible for her to get another policy since she is a breast cancer survivor.

Then,  I read this story.

Sweet, sacrificial love.

Will you join me in praying for my friend and this woman too?

Sacrificial Blessings,


  1. I’ve been there, and your friend will be in my prayers! Good for her that she’s a Survivor, and for leaving a man who treats her so badly. And please pass on to her,
    Take heart, sister! I just got married two months ago to a wonderful, loving man, 2 and a half years after my Stage 3 diagnosis. I was broke, exhausted, missing an appendage, and the mother of two hurting children, and God took care of me. You are in the best of hands.
    I will be praying for both families!

  2. This is a reminder to me of how blessed I am. My husband and I seperated this past February. However, he knows how important health insurance is and has not gone forward with divorce proceedings because he wants to make sure that I am covered under his policy. He even pays for my prescriptions.

    Both of these woman will be in my prayers.

  3. Makes me proud to be a Wisconsin-ite! Both families are in my prayers-wait and watch what God will do!


    Amy V. from WI

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