Of Jello and Weeping and Rejoicing

My casserole dish made the rounds last week.

One day, it held a batch of Boston Grahams, my son’s favorite dessert, as he celebrated his birthday with 7 of his best buds.

One evening, it held a pasta dish for our family as we ate dinner, laughed and caught each other up on our days.

One afternoon, it housed a jello salad, complete with mandarin oranges. My boys beg for jello salad and I hardy ever make it. But that day I obliged. So I cheerfully whipped up the treat, somehow hoping that perhaps the real fruit included might cancel out the sugar, dye and chemicals in the powdered jello mix. :-) They enjoyed it for lunch for a few days in a row.

And finally, one early morning last week, I made another batch of that jello desert. I had received a phone call asking me to make it by Friday morning.

This time to take to a funeral; a funeral of a family at church that had to bury their their young adult daughter.

Oh how I wish casserole dishes were only made for sporting food at happy occasions.

But they are not.

They sometimes are an important part of carrying out the command in Romans 12:15 to “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.”

What will your dishes hold this week?


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  1. So very true Karen that our casserole dish holds both joy and sorrow. I am hoping that mine holds joy this week.

    Could you please explain what Boston Grahams are?


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