His Revolutionary Love Giveaway with Lynn Cowell

Congrats to the winner of the Easter weekend giveaway. She is Amber Jensen ! Amber, send your address to me at [email protected]. :-)


If your life includes a teen girl you love and care about, well have I got a treat for you!

I’ve asked my good friend and Proverbs 31 speaker Lynn Cowell to join us and chat about her brand new book His Revolutionary Love. Lynn has a passion for Jesus and for helping moms and teens connect with each other and with Him.

She is one of the most generous women I know and often serves out of the limelight. But when she is on stage, be prepared to be encouraged and challenged by this gifted and engaging speaker, who is now an author too! Now, bloggy sisters, meet Lynn:

As a speaker and writer with Proverbs 31 Ministries, Lynn Cowell lives in North Carolina with her husband of 23 years and her three teenage children. The Cowells enjoy being outside whether it is hiking, fast pitch softball or white water rafting.

Empowering women with confidence through Jesus’ radical love is Lynn’s heartbeat. She is very excited about the release of her first book “His Revolutionary Love: Jesus’ Radical Pursuit of You”; a study for young women.

Sushi, well worn sweatshirts and anything that combines chocolate and peanut butter are her top three favorites.

Now, watch a quick clip of Lynn telling of her passion for working with teen girls by clicking here. Be sure to come back for the rest of the interview and her great giveaway!

What prompted you to write His Revolutionary Love?

When I was 19, I discovered a side of Jesus I had never seen before. I had known Him as my savior, shepherd and friend, but I was still looking for more. It as then that I found Him to be the perfect, unconditional love I was always looking for. I found He wanted to be more than the God I served; He wanted to be the God I loved.

Years later someone I dearly loved was going through her third divorce, I asked Jesus why that wasn’t me. He revealed to me that falling in love with Him had filled my heart and completed me. I had discovered young that if a guy doesn’t like me it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with me. I already had God’s approval and it had nothing to do with me. Jesus is crazy about me and that is enough. Spreading this truth is my passion.

What is your greatest desire for the girls who pick up your book?

My prayer is that each young women who reads “His Revolutionary Love” will discover the Love that has always wanted them and that this Love will fill their hearts for a lifetime. I hope they will find confidence, truth and power that will ruin them for a mundane life. I want them to be ignited with passion for Jesus that will revolutionize their lives with real change.

You are offering a wonderful giveaway to one gal who comments on this post. Tell us about it!

Today I am giving away a “Revolutionary Love” bundle. This bundle includes a signed copy of my book, a t-shirt from my “Revolutionary Love” conference, and a DVD of my “Revolutionary Love” message.

Okay gals, leave a comment about what Lynn has shared today or about your own teen years and your relationship with God then. Or perhaps tell us about the girl you’d give this great prize to if you won.

Winner will be announced Wednesday. See you then!


  1. I love hearing about good books like this one. As a teen I wrote an essay for my English class about my best friend. In the essay I talked about Jesus Christ and how I felt so close to him. I love how he protected me and saved me for the right man. I am so in love with Jesus. I don’t know any other man like my husband. He is on a spiritual level with the Lord that I admire. I don’t know where I’d be if God hadn’t put him in my life. We’ve been married 15 years and our firstborn daughter is 13.

  2. i would love for my 3 teen daughters to receive this book now that they have become young women i would like for them to find there way in the lord.my oldest is a teen mom working and in college and i know she desires to be a good role model for her one year old son, my 17 year old is about to graduate and go off to college and she is going need to make good choices and reading the book will help her alot, my 16 year old is high school but needs to find her direction in life, i was so proud of her yesterday in sunday school when she ask the guestion how would she know if she had an angle wacthing over? she regonize God as her savior and she was glad to know that he is wacthing over her.

  3. Thank you for this message for teens! It is so valuable! I wish I had truly grasped it much earlier in life. I’m certain my decisions would have been better in regard to relationships. I desire that understanding for my 16 year old daughter, and would love to share your book with her.
    Be blessed!

  4. About a year and a half go I took my (then 12 year old) daughter away for a Passport to Purity Weekend. We had a great weekend away talking about a lot of serious topics, as well as laughing and having fun together. About a month ago now, on a Sunday morning before church, my now almost 14 year old daughter sat down in the living room while I was drinking my morning coffee. We talked briefly about our plans for the day, and then she asked me if I thought maybe we could go away for another mother/daughter bible study weekend sometime. “YES!” I replied, with absolutely no hesitation, “I am sure we can do that!” I was so blessed that my teenaged daughter not only wanted to go away for a weekend with me, but that she wanted it to include bible study and talking about Jesus!! Since then I have been looking for a good book or bible study to use for our getaway, which will probably take place over the summer. This book looks like it would be a perfect jumping off point to continue the discussion we began over a year ago, and have continued since. I am really excited about the book, and I am so glad I saw the post linking to it on Facebook!

  5. I would use this at church. There are so many hurting girls that need us women to stand alongside them and possibly their moms just to encourage them. I think the DVD sounds like a great girl’s night opportunity with the book and t-shirt as giveaways to a couple of the girls who come. My own daughter is only 9 but I can see the trends in girls just ahead of her at school and church. I’d like to nip those in the bud! They need positive, local role models and we have a great opportunity and responsibility here! Although girls ministry is a little foreign to me, I’m inspired by possibilities!

  6. I was also older before I “got it”! I now have a 21 year old daughter that I feel I did not do my duty as a mother to give her the tools she needed to survive teen years knowing that God loves you and that is all that matters. I also have a 12 yo and 9 yo that I so hope I can change the cycle. I would give this to my 12 yo and then pass it down. I can only pray that God will step in and give my oldest daughter the self esteem that I sadly did not pass down to her. I know God can work all things for his good and I believe this will happen with her, because she now has a 1 yo daughter and I know we both want that cycle broken!!!

  7. I so wish that I had’ve had a true relationship with Christ when I was a teenager. There are so many decisions I would’ve made for the better. However, knowing now what a difference Christ has made in my adult life, I’ve tried to instill that in my 14 year-old daughter. I try to talk with her openly and honestly about life, dating (although she’s not allowed to yet), and relationships in general, but stressing that the greatest one she could ever have is with Christ. I am planning for she and I to do some mother-daughter only things, like a conference next fall in Dallas.
    I’m not trying to be her best friend, but just trying to be someone she can trust and lean on when she needs that.

  8. My 14 year old would love this book. She is a faithful believer in Him, even when some of her friends are growing up too fast.

  9. Dear Friends,

    Many of you spoke of getting this book and starting a small group of girls to go through it with. I want to help! Starting next Monday, May 2nd, I will have a free leadership guide on my sight. This leadership guide will help you by showing you exactly how to do a small group as well as offer thought provoking questions and a schedule if you want one!

    Starting the first week of June, every Wednesday I will be going over 2 chapters of the book so that you have a friend with you as you invest in girls. At the same time, I will be going over the same chapters on my site for teen girls at http://www.RadRevolution.com including a weekly video! Stop by my blog and sign up in the subscription box so that you don’t miss this opportunity :)

  10. Lynn, what a blessings this book will be. God has given you such wisdom. How wonderful that He has now given you this opportunity to bring that wisdom, and with it hope, to so many mothers and daughter in His Kingdom. Praying God’s favor and richest blessings over you as this book is placed in the hands of so many looking for answers. Love you!!! Wendy

  11. I would most def give this to a teen girl that has been in my life for about 6 months. She is a precious girl that has recently discovered Jesus but struggles to connect with his love. She is vibrant and beautiful and falling deeply in love with Jesus but her past (rape, abuse, drugs, alcohol) distorts/distracts her from really grasping the fullness of God’s love. This study I think would bridge that gap. Thank u for writing your hearts passion…I feel like you have been inside my head. Blessings!! Renee’ Hines

  12. My teen years were rough. My dad moved out of state. I had the secret of being abused by my step father when I was younger and I didn’t realize that my mother was and alcoholic and abused prescription drugs. Something she still hasn’t admitted. I so wanted to quit school and get married and start a family of my own to love. It wasn’t until I after my second divorce and was a single parent at the age of 27 that I came to know that what I knew of Jesus wasn’t all there was. I started my quest and it didn’t really all sink in until I was 40! Once I found my current church and really started to understand that it wasn’t so much about how much I believed in Jesus but receiving what he had to offer me did all those lonely and pain filled days melt away. I know in those years and even now I can cause some emotional pain to my children. I know my girls haven’t been through nearly anything like I did but I also know they haven’t gone totally in wounded by my careless words at times. If this would help me to explain just how deeply and totally Jesus loves and cares for them then I want this book.

  13. I would give this book to my granddaughter Ashley. Ashley is a bright and intelligent young lady who loves to read. Ashley has had many life changing experiences this last year and a half, after 14 years of marriage Ashley dad ask Ashley’s mom for a divorce. Ashley of course loves both of her parents but she is struggling with how her early father could love her and still leave her mom. I believe Ashley would benefit greatly from a book that shows unconditional love of our Heavenly Father. Blessings, Una

  14. I have two daughters, ages 10 and 9, so I would save this book for them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. I have a twelve year old daughter and a four year old daughter along with a fifteen year old son. I am amazed at the impact of words on both of my daughters while my son seems to respond to actions. I hope I can find your book and get it in before school lets out because this would be a great kick start to a summer Bible Study. Thanks for being so generous with your time, love, and experience with the Lord.
    Praying for your continued success in reaching others for Him!

  16. I would love to win this for my 14 year old daughter, Rachel, who wants to be God’s Girl. It is so important that our girls learn to get their identity from God and who He made them to be and not from the world.

  17. I am a young mother, even though I was going to church I started looking for love and acceptance in the wrong places, I didn’t have any good example of christian youth in my church back then, and I got pregnant at 16. Now my daughter is about to turn 14. Few years ago her dad decided he didn’t want to be married anymore so we divorced, he still see her few times a month but I am sad to see such a happy and confident kid struggling with her self image and low confidence. It’s hard for me to help when I am struggling on my own, I would love to see her having a happier godly life than mine, I think this book can help her realize that the only perfect love comes from Jesus.

  18. Ladies, It has been such a privilege to read your heart for the girls in your world. I just know that as we invest in this generation, the radical love of Jesus will truly transform their hearts. They will become girls who are confident because they are approved, accepted and affirmed by the One who will never leave. And just think…it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with Jesus!

    Let’s spread this revolutionary love!


  19. Thank you, Karen, for this chance to win. And thank you, Lynn, for your faithfulness in teaching God’s Truth to teens and equipping their parents. If I were to win, I would give this package to my daughters (12 1/2 & 15). I am considering starting a summer book study (with this book) for my daughters and some of their friends. Our culture teaches so many lies and I want to arm them with more of God’s Truth.

  20. As a mom to 5 kids (22, 16, 14, 14, & 14) which include two teenage girls (16 & 14)…I read this post with great interest. PLUS…I have a teenage daughter-in-law (18). I am always on the lookout for something to help me connect with my kids on a deeper level. I would love to use this tool to reach out especially to my daughter-in-law. She has had a tough life and needs to see Jesus in a real light.

    Good luck with your ministry!

  21. One starry moonlit night, as a teen, I sat in my car and cried out to God, “Are you there? Do you even see me?” He spoke to my heart, and told me He loved me and He was there for me. Years later, I chose my own crooked path and lost my way. After the birth of my first precious daughter, the love I had for her softened my heart and God reached out to me through her. I turned my life around with God’s help. God has blessed my life abundantly! I now have 6 children and my oldest daughter just turned 13. God will bless you when you are for Him. I am living proof. I would love to win this set for my daughter and her friends to do a book club. They would love it!

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