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For the past five summers, my  friend Mary and I have done a Bible study together.

She lives in Illinois. I live in Michigan. So, we “meet” each Wednesday morning early over the phone.

She is in her home with her dog at her feet. I am out on my back deck with my plants all around.

Since neither of us tend to be in an organized study over the summer, we felt studying and meeting this way would keep us grounded in God’s word and prevent us from slacking off in our spiritual lives over the lazy hot days.

And it has.

We keep it very simple.

One of us prays before we start. Then, we just go through each day’s homework and say “What did you like, learn or get convicted by?” Then, we share any issues or situations for which we need prayer and the other person prays.

We are done in an hour.

We have done this study, and this one, and one summer this one and this summer we are tackling this one.

Will you consider grabbing a Bible and a faraway (or nearby) friend for a study this summer? If so, leave a comment telling us who will be your study partner.

I’ll randomly choose six gals from among the ones who comment. You will each be given a copy our our own Proverbs 31 Bible teacher Wendy Blight’s great ebook study on the book of Proverbs called All Things Wise and Wonderful. You can easily do this 5 week study with a friend from now until the end of the summer. Here is the description:

Wendy’s study, All Things Wise and Wonderful: Applying God’s Wisdom in Every Day Life, is a five week study grounded in the book of Proverbs. It teaches you how to make Bible passages understandable and applicable. It will bring God’s Word alive and bring perceptible transformation in:

  • Your relationships
  • Your attitudes
  • Your speech
  • Your priorities
  • Your whole heart

Ok, who will you study God’s word with this summer? Winner announced Thursday.


  1. One or more of my 6 lovely sis-in-laws. Finished a Bible study w/the ladies at my church about a month ago, and would love to have another challenge.

  2. This is great! I would get some ladies from Sunday School and some of my Mommas from the MOPS(Mothers Of Preschoolers) program that I am apart of! It would be a great time for us to come together and learn God’s word while also building stronger relationships with one another.

  3. My friend Gloria and I began meeting weekly last month. She lives about 45 mintues away – so it never worked out for us. But a month ago my boss asked me to work out of our other office once a week and guess where the office is? Same town as Gloria lives in and the day I work there is her day off! Perfect.

  4. Years ago my friend Terri and I did a one year women’s devotional together over the phone. I’m in PA and she’s in MD. We have done other Bible study/Book study and yet it’s been awhile since life got busy. This would be a perfect opportunity for us to pick up where we left off over the summer. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  5. I don’t know what I will study – but THANKS for this idea. I have a friend I don’t see often and I would love to do a study with her. Have to call her tonight and set it up. :)

  6. One of my sister-in-laws and I are currently discussing doing just this, only online. Haven’t decided what study guide to use, though.

  7. Myself and three friends have done several Beth Moore studies over the past two years. We really enjoy getting together to do the bible studies and discuss each other’s prayer concerns. We have taken a break this Spring, but plan to get started on another study once we are not so busy with our kid’s ball games (hopefully next month). Can’t wait!

  8. I have a close friend who recently moved from California to Oklahoma…even though we talk frequently and pray over the phone, a study together is such a great idea! We are talking about it now ( via email). Thank you for blessing us with this!

  9. I would love to do this study with my mom, Vicki. She accepted Christ on Christmas Eve this past year. (she is 66) She just completed a “New Believers” bible study at Calvary chapel Philly and has decided to be baptized on June 30th. I think this study would be a great new step for her to participate in and a great way for us to spend time together in God’s word.

  10. I would love to do this study with two of my friends Robynn or Ashley both are extremely busy so finding time that would be consecutive.

  11. This is such a great idea! I did a Bible Study after my daughter was born to ensure I stayed accountable, I never thought about doing it with a friend over the phone! I have an old co-worker who I would love to do this with. She and I have talked about doing a Bible study but never seem to find the time to meet- this would be perfect!

  12. I will do this with my friend of 41 years Carla Thomas-Bennett who lives in Orlando. I live in Jamaica.

  13. this is an interesting idea! my sister (who i love deeply) just got moved from Ohio – where i am – to California (where i’m not) for 2 years. perhaps this would be an idea to keep us joined together in Christ!

  14. That is a great idea! I grew up about an hour from where I live now and keep up with some high school friends on Facebook – gotta pray about who to study with! Love your insights and ideas!

  15. Next Tuesday, I am starting “Full of Grace” at my church. This is the first time I have done one at my church and am looking forward to meeting some of the women and spending time in God’s Word.

  16. I would love to do this with my best friend, Jennifer. You see, I live in Oregon and she lives in Idaho and our lives often get busy and we don’t have a lot of time to talk. I believe this would be a perfect way for us to reconnect and more importantly to spend time with God together like we used to do before she moved.

  17. Having just had my second baby last October I had to drop out of the study I was currently participating in- just too hard to bring the little one. So I just asked my friends Danielle, Irma and Allie to join me on Thursday mornings for a short summer study. Excited to get started this week!

  18. This is great! My friend, Laura, and I just started last week meeting every Monday night for a bible study time. We are going through an older book and its a great time. We each have small children so its a blessing to sneak out late at night for some coffee and good conversation focused on the Word of God.

  19. I would Love to do a Bible study with my new found friend, Amy. We meet this year through our childrens school and this gal has a heart to read, especially anything to do with God’s word. I know a Bible study would enrich our walk with the Lord & our friendship. Thanks. -Colleen G.

  20. I used to be in a home fellowship with a friend and her husband and the church we are both in now does not have them. I would want to do this with both of them. They have been dear friends for so long and we need to do something like this. This does sound like such a nice study. Thank you

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