1st Day of Christmas Giveaway with Lynn Cowell

Congrats to the winner of the Little Light O’ Mine giveaway. She is Melissa Barnes. Please send your home address to [email protected] so we can have your prize shipped to you.


Welcome to our 5th annual 12 Days of Christmas giveaways!.

Each day I’ll feature one of my Proverbs 31 sisters offering a recipe, idea or memory and giving away a prize for the day!

First up?

My fabulous friend and teen expert:

Lynn Cowell




Last  Christmas, I asked my kids this question:

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

#1 – Cutting down the Christmas tree in the mountains (my favorite too!)

#2 – Making Cowell Peanut Butter Balls

#2 is, well can we just say messy! Typically, we will double the recipe, which already makes 125! You would think I would have learned by now that is not a good idea. One year we broke the mixer, so my husband put the whisk in his electric drill. It worked!

These moments in the kitchen, with powdered sugar flying and melted chocolate dripping are the moments when a family can meld together. Working on something together has a way of drawing us closer.

One thing I have noticed while mentoring teens for the past 12 years is so many kids aren’t in the kitchen any more. I have a tradition of having my small group of girls over each Christmas to make goodies. I am so surprised at how uncomfortable they are with measuring and mixing. Whether mom is not around or too busy, they are missing the joys of memories that come from a kitchen.

Do you have a teen near your influence that you could take under your wing this coming year?

Maybe you could start a little group of girls that meet every so often, learn a new recipe and eat it too!

And maybe, while you are mixing and making, Jesus will open a door for you to share about more than baking. You can share just how crazy He is about them. Today’s girl needs you; needs your experience and your love too!

Interested in learning more on how you can impact the girls in your world? Stop by my blog at www.LynnCowell.com!

Now for my giveaway:

I am giving away a Willow Tree – “Bright Star” and a signed copy of my book for teen girls called Devotions for a Revolutionary Year.


Okay–to be entered in today’s giveaway, tell us your favorite holiday activity. Or, if time is tight, just say “O’ Christmas Tree”

Remember, you have until Sunday night December 16th to comment on all the posts. One grand prize winner will be chosen from among the gals who post on all 12 days! What the grand prize is will be announced sometime this week (when I figure it out!!!)


  1. I really enjoy going to the town Christmas parade with my husband and our girls and enjoying some hot chocolate together while watching the parade go by.

  2. Going to church on Christmas Eve, remembering the reason for Christmas and finding hope in the year to come.

  3. My favorite Christmas holiday activity is cookie making and swapping. It is so nice getting together with all the ladies in the office and trading off treats to take home for a fun addition to the Christmas spread! In addition to cookies and treats, all the ladies include recipe cards for each treat.

  4. Sitting quietly in the living room with the lights on the Christmas tree being the only light piercing the darkness. Snuggled up under a quilt with no pressing needs to meet.

  5. While I have many favorite traditions, it is hard to focus on just one. I love to sit and read Christmas stories with my childen (18,13 3/4, 11 and 8). I have 280+ childrens christmas books…love to read them, decorate our tree and finding the pickle ornament is always fun. Have a merry and bright Christmas!

  6. We celebrate with a Christmas party for friends and family every year! My kids ( including teen girls and little boy) get excited about cleaning the house and making it welcoming! No other time of the year are they excited about cleaning. We also bake together – cookies mostly to share with others we love. Merry Christmas

  7. We’ve started performing random acts of Christmas kindness- looking for ways to be kind to people we know and those we don’t know. It takes the focus off stuff and more about giving.

  8. Love going to Krug park…we start with a carriage ride, then we drive through the park and enjoy all the decorations.

  9. One of my favorite holiday activities is looking at the decorations. Some hold some very special memories. When my son was 4, he really loved trains. For his birthday (in August) that year, my sister bought him a ceramic train…each car is a snowglobe. My sister passed away in August, 2011…I always remember how excited she was to give him that train…something he could have forever.

    Some ornaments were not originally ours. Our home was flooded in 2004 and we lost a LOT of our ornaments. We received a lot of hand-me-down ornaments..ones people no longer wanted. They may hold other peoples memories…but they always remind me of the generosity of strangers during that time.

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