Want to Write a Book? Win a Free Call

Ever had a little dream tucked deep inside your heart to someday write a book?

Our Proverbs 31 next Step Speaker Services is offering a conference call on how to get started that I will be teaching.

Here are the details:

Writing a Bang-Up Book Proposal

Date: Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 8:00 pm EST.

Think you have a great book idea but absolutely no clue how to put together a book proposal that meets the standards of the publishing industry? Karen Ehman has written five books with three major publishers and is also hired to write book proposals for other potential authors.

In this informative and practical call she will highlight the key components that comprise a winning proposal and then give you the tools to craft one yourself. The call includes a sample book proposal template from Karen’s latest book being published by Zondervan. There will be plenty of time for Q & A

You can enter to win a free call (valued at $25) today by leaving a comment telling us if you’ve ever wanted to write a book. And, if you’d like, tell us what the book would be about.
You can enter through midnight on Friday. Please note: replying to the RSS feed by email doesn’t enter you. Please go to the post to leave a comment by clicking on the title of the post in your email. Thanks!
And if you’d like to purchase the call (or purchase the download to listen to later) click here.


  1. I tried writing a book for a contest last year. Since it did not get voted for, I have started re-writing it and have re-titled it. Journey to a Simple Life is based on the “Celebration of Discipline” book and dwells on the Discipline of being simple. My head writing has turned it into a lady seeking the simple life instead of a devotional.book. Any helps in getting it done would be amazing!

    1. I would love to have the opprotunity to know how to write a book. I started to write one just for my children at Christmas but I have so many things on my heart to share about what God has done in my life that I don’t even know if I could stay focused on one topic. It has been an amazing journey and I love seeing his hand in it all. So…instead I started blogging. Then I get on and see this!!!! Maybe a God thing! We will see!

  2. Re- next step speaker services conference call
    Your post totally described me. I’ve been thinking about writing a book for years and the Lord actually gave me a topic to write about this past year. My husband of nearly 30 years suffered a heart attack in June and had quadruple bypass surgery. I definitely have a story to tell of the Lord’s faithfulness through the whole experience. The problem is not knowing how to begin and being in on this call would be a tremendous help!

  3. This Would be such a blessing! God has been prompting me to write a book for a while. I just don’t know where to start. I’ve tried starting many times and just loose my way. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win. It would be about the miracles God has done in my life. thank you again

  4. I keep getting told that I need to put my story of raising our three special needs children into book form and it has crossed my mind, but do not know where to start. This call would be perfect!!!!

  5. I would love to write a book that would encourage and inspire people in their faith journey, or better yet, initiate the desire to have a faith journey. I have ideas but nothing concrete. I probably relate better to women than to men, but I feel there’s a great need to inspire men to be spiritual leaders in their families and in the world.

  6. I’d love to take part in this call! I have a book I’m currently working on – “Who am I? – Seeking God’s Answer to an Age-Old Question.” I have the chapter summaries and first few chapters done, along with a book full of ideas… Keep praying for direction; perhaps this is it! Thanks for the giveaway and all you do!!

  7. For a few years now, many people have told me that I should write a book about the stories I make up for my sons at night. I have always thought I couldn’t do it, but more and more lately I am wanting to do this, and have started rough drafts of characters and places. This would be wonderful to win, thank you for the opportunity.

  8. I have been repeatedly asked to write a book – my friends, women I meet in ministry, people who hear me at speaking events… Somewhere in there a desire to do it began to grow – so, yes, I think I’d like to write a book!

  9. I would love to learn more about the writing process. I feel called to write a devotional book. I spent years suffering from agorphobia and morbid obsesity. As a shut in I exeperienced lots of suffering but had lots of lonelines and in time found hope in the word of God. I would like to share biblical truths I learned while in this state and season of my life, now I enjoyl life and recovery through the word and would like to support others through promises He hid in my heart while I was hiding in my house and overweight self…. I have some devo’s written and was in a critique group would love to take more time to productively organize a book proposal. Love the devo’s daily and reading responses. Best wishes, writing pals!

  10. I would love to win the call. I have two christian fiction books that I have started and one christian children’s book that I have completed. Have always wanted to pursue a writing career but just haven’t taken that next step. This would be a great “push” for me.

  11. This hits me right at the perfect time. I have had a book on my heart for the past 2 years that will encourage and inspire parents to lead their children spiritually at home. I have tons of very simple and practical ideas that anyone can do-even if they don’t know where to start.

    For Christmas, my husband rented a writing studio for me in Downtown Minneapolis and has deemed each spare evening and weekend minute in February as “mine” so I can knock out the first draft of this project.

    I love all of your books and would LOVE to glean some wisdom on the best way to get my work into the hands of people that will be blessed by it. I would also love some advice about self-publishing vs. big name publishers and how ebooks fit into spreading your ideas.

    Thanks for considering me!

  12. I’m entering! With a 20 year old dream and a new season in life (kids growing up), I’m ready to start writing that book! I have a theological education and have always wanted to write materials for Women’s Bible studies and Christian growth.

  13. Would love to win this! After 20 years of experience, I am embarking on a local homeschooling challenging children seminar, and would like to have something in print form. I’ve already begun to write on a couple of family related topics God has been teaching me about through the years.

  14. I would love to win this call! I am writing a book about having Christ at the centre of our lives, being fully enveloped by Him. I have no clue how to write a book proposal! Thank you for this opportunity!

  15. I wnat to write a book. It would be an inspirational/encouraging book to let people of all ages know to never give on on God and you can find him in all life circumstances. It would be based off my experiences as a single mom, previous military who gets out and gets a chronice illness, loss of Mom & Sis and God’s love.

  16. I have been wanting to write a book for a while now. There have been SO many things that I have gone through in my life. I would love to share my story with people so they can be encouraged too! Thank you!!!

  17. I would absolutely love it to win the conference call!!! I love writing, coming up with creative ways to get the reader’s attention. I am often elected at work to write announcements because of my creative writing style. The book I have sort of started is titled, Defining Grace, something that God gave me during one of those 2 am wake ups… He tends to do that to me… Writing/ Reading is my Passion!!!

  18. I would LOVE to win this conference call. I have been writing a blog every since my parents were murdered in 2011 but even before going through that horrific event I have felt that God wanted me to write a book. I have several ideas for fiction as well as non-fiction. Thanks for considering me!

  19. It’s always been a dream of mine to write a book. I have a very strong, personal story I want to write about, resulting in my finding God. I have a lot of it already written. I hope I win!!!

  20. I would love love love this……I have started a book and do find myself lost at times!! I have shared with many my ideas and the maybe title and so far many are excited to get their hands on this type of book this help would be A-MA-ZING!!


  21. I’d love, love, love to win a conference call from P31! I’m embarking upon God’s calling on my life to enter women’s ministry and I plan to write as a part of that. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I’m glad I haven’t yet, because it wouldn’t have been an annointed work. I sure hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity!
    In His Service,

    1. I would appreciate so much the opportunity of talking to you about whether or not I should write a book. For decades, literally, people have been telling me I need to write a book based on my life experiences.
      A brief synopsis goes like this:
      At forty, divorced after 18 years of marriage (my husband was unfaithful while my father was dying of cancer), I married my best friend’s widower who was 12 years old than I. He was raising three sons and an adopted daughter. Twenty months after we married he dropped dead and left me with his four children and my own two.
      As you can imagine many more stories follow, including remarriage (another step-son), seminary and 15 years of ordained ministry.
      I’ve been praying for direction.
      Blessings, Karen

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