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Thanks for taking a break from your day and clicking your way over to day ten of my 12th annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! If you’re just joining in, be sure to start at Day 1 here.

Our guest today is someone I have gotten to know through social media after I discovered she’d read one of my books. Amber Smith is a Texas girl, an actor, a lover of baking and coffee, the wife of country singer Granger Smith, and the mom of three adorable kiddos—two here on earth and one sweet son, River, who went to be with Jesus this past summer. I can’t wait for you to meet her. She is an incredible woman with an astonishing faith and she is giving away a tremendous prize today. (Seriously. I may just comment under a fake name and win the prize myself!)

But first, here is the Christmas idea for the day—ways to make the nativity come alive!

Day 10: Making the Nativity Real & Remembered

The nativity scene and story of Jesus’s birth may be the most dramatized, reenacted, painted, composed about, and otherwise depicted event in history. But how can you write the story on your family’s hearts, not just plant it in their heads? These ideas help, and the moments experienced with the nativity can be living memories.

Tell the Story Over & Over

For a keepsake to treasure in years to come, film your children each year telling the nativity story. Toddlers will be able to articulate just the basics about the Christ child, the manger, the angels and the shepherds. As they grow, more details will be added to their narration. Once they are old enough to read, let them read the story from Luke 2 out loud to be filmed. It will be fun to hear how their voice changes from year to year. A great present to give grandparents!

Give the Nativity

When each of your children or grandchildren are young, purchase a nativity set for them to have when they are grown and leave your home. Figure out how many pieces are in the set. Then, each year, give them one piece in their stocking, timing it so that they get the last piece the year they are 18.

Live the Nativity

Take in a living nativity experience. Many churches reenact the first Christmas by having church members dress up like the characters found in Luke chapter 2. Usually barnyard animals are included and one live nativity near us even had wise men on camels! Children especially love to drive by and see the holy family, the angels, shepherds and wise men. Return home for some hot spiced cider or hot chocolate.

Build Suspense Along with the Story

Place your nativity set out piece by piece, telling the Christmas story as it is found in scripture in Luke, chapter two.

The first night, place Mary out all alone, as you come to the part of the Bible where she is mentioned. The next night comes the angel who appears to her. The following night, Joseph appears and so on.

You’ll soon be placing the animals, shepherds, baby Jesus, and finally the wise men, who arrived a few years after Christ was born. This is a great way to make the Christmas story last over several days and the kids will look forward to the new character put out each night.

Go on the Hunt for Jesus

Hide a baby boy doll and on Christmas morning crank up a yuletide tune to awaken the kids. Then hunt for baby Jesus, just like the Wisemen of old. After He’s placed in a makeshift manger, read the Christmas story from Luke 2, before opening your presents. Reiterate the point you’re illustrating: Jesus before ourselves!

Day 10 Giveaway

Amber is giving away a ton of goodies: a large sweatshirt, 2 small t-shirts, 1 medium T-shirt, two Granger Smith CDs (one is signed), 2 Yee Yee candles, and one Christmas wood sign. And in case you missed it, our Grand Prize includes Granger Smith concert tickets, and yep, that’s Amber’s husband!

Amber Smith \\ Day 10 of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways at

Giveaway rules are listed below. Enjoy!


Amber Smith

Amber Smith is an actress whose work includes many national commercials and recurring roles on hit TV series including Dallas and American Crime. The Texas born mom of three loves to craft in her spare time making t-shirts and rustic signs. She also loves traveling with her husband, county music singer/songwriter Granger Smith. The pair tragically lost their youngest son, River Kelly Smith, in June 2019. While this loss has devastated their family, they have vowed to bring light from the dark, by creating the River Kelly Fund, designed to spread joy and help those in need, in his honor. To date the fund has raised over $300,000, including over $200,000 for Dell Children’s Medical Center, where their son received care, in Austin, TX. Learn more about the fund and the Smith’s mission here. Amber continues to share her faith-filled journey on her Instagram and on their family YouTube page The Smiths.


12 Days of Christmas Giveaways Rules

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  2. You can comment on all 12 days (once per person) up until midnight Pacific time, Sunday, December 22. Each day will be linked below for easy reference.
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  4. To enter to win the Grand Prize (worth over $150 and includes a $75 Amazon gift card, and two admission tickets (with meet-and-greet) to a concert with award-winning country music artist, Granger Smith, comment on, and share all 12 posts. You can use the share buttons below or repost and share on Instagram (my fave!) and tag me @karenehman.
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Do you have a Christmas tradition that has to do with the nativity story? What is it? If you don’t, is there another favorite tradition you can share with us? 

Let us know in the comments and you’ll be entered in today’s giveaway. Remember, if you want to enter to win the grand prize, you must comment on and share all twelve days.  

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  1. We incorporate learning about the Festival of Lights the way And what that means in Jewish culture. It’s awesome to read scripture of Jesus saying He is the light of the world at this festival during our Christmas celebration of His birth.

  2. I have several nativity sets displayed around at Christmas. I believe this helps us remember the reason for the season. My favorite Christmas tradition is spending time with my family.

  3. I have 3 girls, ages 10, 8 and 5. I feel it is of the utmost importance that they know Christ and what the real meaning of Christmas is. Every year, a local church puts on a Journey to Bethlehem. We go every year to see the stores of Christ’s birth unfold before our very eyes. My girls love going and ask to go each year!

  4. We always gave an the annual Precious Moments ornament to our oldest neice. I still have last year’s with me as she was preparing to be married on Dec 29 so our family Christmas celebration took a backseat. Unfortunately she passed from leukemia on her wedding day so that ornament is still here with me. But she did get married, in the hospital room in her gown, before passing.

  5. Our girls are grown now, but as they were growing up, we had a nativity of burlap that hung on the wall in the hall. Each day we read a little bit more of the Christmas story, adding a felt figure to the scene. A Sunday School teacher made this for our oldest daughter when she was in kindergarten. The last figure to be added was the baby Jesus. On Christmas morning, when the girls woke up, the first thing they did…before opening any presents…was to add the baby Jesus to the scene. It warms my heart that both of our girls have recreated this scene to continue this tradition with their own children…our grandchildren. Beautiful memories!!

  6. We love to go to the Christmas Eve children’s mass. Then we go back home for dinner, a variety of appetizers & cookies , then we head out to see the “Lights of Life” display! I have a beautiful nativity set that my Grandmother started for me that is displayed in the living room!

  7. We don’t really have a tradition with the nativity but I’m loving the suggestions above. I love my nativity scene so much it actually stays out all year round!

  8. We had a few simple traditions that were based on. My moms traditions, but most have faded away. Not growing up in a Christian home, nothing was related to the nativity

  9. I have a nativity that my parents gave me when I moved out and got married. I have daughter at college so I gave her one to remind her the REASON for the SEASON!! JESUS!! I love the items to embrace the story

  10. My nativity is an antique that belonged to my grandmother, so we did not want the kids to touch it when they were little. So we purchased a Fisher Price Little People nativity set so they could have one of their own to set up and act out the nativity story as much and as often as they wanted on the ledge of our bay window in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Now that they are teens they still are excited to set up their own nativity scene on the windowsill when we decorate for Christmas!

  11. Putting out the nativity each year was so fun! I usually got to do it by myself and shared duties with my little brother when he was old enough. It’s special to have a nativity. One day I’ll get my own. I bought my mom a really nice one and would like a similar one some day. to remind me what it’s all about.

  12. Growing up we used to go for a drive to look at the lights on Christmas Eve come back and. Santa had been there. My fondest memory was when I was in the Christmas Eve program and my husband and son came to it

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