Valentines Idea and Mock Chic-Fil-A recipe…

Hi all!

Just a quick post to give you a Valentine’s Day idea. I wanted to write something more clever, but child # 2 came down with the stomach flu, hubby went into ER in the night for bronchitis and I am feeling a cold coming on….so this will be short.

First of all, a fun idea for the weekend I wanted to throw out for you is to hold a family movie night….and watch your wedding video! (If you don’t have a video, get out the photo albums.) Tell the kids the story of how you and your husband met. What did each of you think of one another? In our case, one of us knew they’d met their future spouse for sure. The other felt nothing. For over a year!!!!

You can even recreate part of the story. Was your first date at a local restaurant? Take the family there. Did you make him a cherry pie? Make one for the family. Did you get fast food at Taco Bell on the way to a ball park? Grab some Taco Bell and have an indoor picnic.

Even though hearing mom and dad gush about each other can embarrass a child, it also helps them to sense stability at a time when some many marriages all around them are crumbling.

Now, a few of you asked for the mock Chic-Fil-A recipe I made for Spencer’s birthday. Click here for the link. My family LOVES this recipe. We even made chicken strips out of it last night. Warning: NOT Weight Watcher friendly!!!! Just a taste will have to do if you are trying to lose those extra holiday pounds like me!!!

Have a wonderful Valentines weekend. And remember ladies…….if you have no expectations, anything he gets you will be just fine!!!!

I So ‘Heart’ All of You Blessings,



  1. Karen
    What wonderful ideas. I have come to your blog because I have been reading the Homespun books and I can not get enough of them. They are just jam packed with such great ideas! I blogged about my son and I making the caterpillars that grow grass. Ours have not started to sprout yet as we only put them together yesterday, but we are eagerly awaiting the first signs of their fuzzy green fur.

  2. Karen, thank you for posting the link to the recipe.

    Great idea for Valentine’s Day! My ‘honey’ had already planned for us to see “FireProof” tonight, but before we watch it I’ll pull out our wedding album.

    I have a nice roast beef dinner planned, a favourite jelly salad made, a chocolate Valentine cake fresh out of the oven and a special gift purchased. Thanks for the encouragement to let go of expectations and just enjoy the day.

    Praying for you and your family.

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