Candles and Lotions and Chocolate….Oh My!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there who have someone in your life who calls you mom.

Okay, someone who screams, “Moooom…..He’s hitting me!!!” or pleads, “Mom, can you run me to the game?” or who questions you several times a week, “Hey Mom! What’s for dinner. I’m STARVED!!!!”

At any rate….you are among the few. The proud. The TIRED!!!!!! The moms!!!

These next few days I’m offering a simple give away just for YOU!!!! There is nothing in this for your kids. If you win, don’t even let them taste the chocolate! It is all yours, baby!!!

In this special Mother’s Day “Basket in a Box” we have the following goodies:

  • A journal
  • A magnetic grocery list
  • Some Sweet Pea Bath and Body Works shower gel
  • Some Iced Pomegranate lotion
  • Eight bags of Pomegranate tea (yes…I like pomegranate!!!)
  • Some cheese spreaders for entertaining and a berry scented votive candle (both from my friend Tammy’s At Home America business. I LOVE At Home America decor! And I love their prices and clearance section. Check it out here.)
  • A scripture notepad and fancy pen
  • One package each of cinnamon and hazelnut gourmet hot cocoa
  • A jumbo Hershey kiss
  • Some Ghirardelli chocolate and chocolate-caramel squares (a girl can’t have too much chocolate!!)
  • A copy of my book A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart and Home to Others

It is easy to enter. For those of you with some brain energy left today, leave a comment letting us know your favorite memory as a mom or even your favorite memory of your own mother from your growing up days.

For those of you who are plum tuckered out….just leave a comment saying “I’m in!” The ramdom winner will be chosen and announced on Mother’s Day.

Sweet Blessings,


  1. I’m SO in!

    I love when my baby boy kisses my cheek and says “ok mom, now we’re married.”

    Now, when my daughter was 3, I told her excitedly on Christmas Eve that we were going to go bake Jesus a birthday cake. Well- she flipped her hair back, put her hand on her hip and said “Do you even read the Bible?” “Yes”, I replied, not knowing where she was going with this. I was pleasantly shocked when she exclaimed “JESUS LIKES FISH”

  2. One of my best memories of being a mom actually happened on father’s day last year, you see I’m a single mom to twin boys and while we were at the gas station after church that father’s day my son Zach said to me, “Happy Father’s Day, Mom. I know you have to fill both roles and I love you!” It’s the only time I can say I’ve ever cried while pumping gas! Happy Mother’s Day to each of you and God bless!

  3. I loooove chocolate! My favorite memory of being a mom, I don’t know if there is just one but I always enjoyed storytime at night when they were little and knew if I skipped parts even though they couldn’t read yet :-)

  4. One memory of my mother comes to me often. My mom has 6 kids, with me being the oldest. I was 4 years old when the next child was born but there are only 3 years and 3 months separating kids 2 through 6! Our house was insane, especially when my parents got divorced a couple years later. I honestly don’t know how my mom did it. But one thing that makes me laugh and smile and relate is when I think of how whenever she would get a chance to sit down, all she would want to do was watch the news. Then you’d see her nodding off two minutes later. Whenever she got the chance to sit down, she couldn’t help but fall asleep! I can’t imagine she got much sleep while we were growing up! Poor woman! :) Now that I am the mother of 3 with one on the way, I appreciate her so much more!

  5. I would love to write a lovely story for this contest right now – but being that one of my little blessings is crawling on me right now; I’ll just have to say “I’m in!”.

  6. I love being a mom. I loved the moment each of my four children were laid in my arms. I love the little “I love you, Mommys” and the peanut butter kisses.

  7. My greatest memories of my mom is just seeing her eyes light up when she plays with my kids. She has been through a lot in her life. And has had a lot of heartache. But she has always remained positive and it shows in her smile!!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!!

  8. We’ve had many, many sick days lately and while they are long and miserable for everyone involved. But I’ve had many moments of sweetness holding one of my kiddos, rubbing their backs like my mom used to rub my back. My mom wasn’t the most lovey dovey mom in the world, but I can still feel that gentle hand on my back as I do the same for my children. It’s those moments that are the most tender, the most precious to me these days.

  9. Hi!

    I’m not sure this would qualify as my absolute favorite memory as a mom, but it’s a really good recent one. We had a women’s conference at our church a few weeks ago, and by the time that all of the hoopla was over for both Saturday and Sunday I was exhausted. When my son – who had turned 2 four days before – woke up from his nap and came into the living room, where I was about half asleep on the couch. He walked up to me, and knowing that he was there, I opened my eyes to see him standing directly in front of me, leaning over a bit, hands on hips, head cocked, and he said, “Mommy, you otay?” It was soo cute!

  10. Karen,

    I love that my mom is and has been so available to me and my siblings.One of the fun things i remember her doing is playing garage hockey with my son. She also loves music and is often singing while she works. My grandmother did that too.

    My mom also does a week of Grandma Camp for each of my children. It’s a great time for my daughter and son to have time alone with grandma and grandpa and they usually go on a special outing or something during the week.

    I have a great mom!


  11. My mom’s favorite saying….. Boredom is a Choice!! And yes, I have now uttered it to my 7 & 9 year olds!

  12. My favorite Mommy memory is baby day! (almost 8 years ago, 6 years ago, 3 years ago and 1 year ago). Then add all the hugs, tears, growing in faith, “Mommmm!” and I love you, Mommy” and the memories are complete.

    Maria in CT
    and mommy to 4 curious, beautiful gifts from God

  13. Karen

    I have to say that my proudest Mom moment was when I gave birth to my now 10 year old son. Me and my husband tried for 5 years to conceive and after lots of testing, we were told that we would never conceive a child (0 sperm count). That was in November….the following January (New Years Day), after being 1 week late, I took a home pregnancy test. And guess what…It was POSITIVE!!!! When everyone else had given up (including me), GOD didnt give up on us!!!!

    After nearly 6 months of being in and out of the hospital (with 24 hour morning sickness)and being on complete bedrest, the moment that I had waited for for almost 6 years came. And he is worth it all!!!!!!!!

  14. Karen -I’M IN!!
    I have lots of favorite memories of my mom and of being a mom of 3 boys. Let me set the scene for this. About 6 years ago we let our oldest son adopt a stray dog. Soon after she had puppies, lots of puppies. We chose to keep the tiniest puppy because our middle son who was about 2 yrs old had fallen in love with this puppy and had already gone thru the trouble of naming him Charlie.
    One afternoon as I’m watching my children play in the backyard, my 2yr old sits down at the bottom of the swing-set slide eating his Pringle potato chips. Before I know it he’s sharing them with Charlie. Only instead of letting Charlie have his very own chip they are splitting each chip…. My son is giving the puppy a bite and then he’s taking a bite. YEP !! It was a classic mommy moment. You want to scream NO don’t eat after the puppy, but your heart says “HOW CUTE!”

  15. I am a mother of 3 – Brittany (11, almost 12), Ben (10) and Gracie (5). Honestly my best mom memory was the very moment my first child was born. Every moment since that very first breath she took has been an adventure. My husband and my life have never been the same. There have been ups and downs, but I will never forget the moment the doctor told me…it’s a girl…I knew my life would never be the same….and I was right:-)

  16. My mom had 3 girls and then a boy and my favorite memory is of whenever we had an event such as Easter or Christmas she would stay up however late making us matching dresses. Oh how we hated those dresses and we still tease her about them but it is such a wonderful memory whenever we see pictures of us girls in our matching dresses and sometimes my brother in a matching homemade suit.

  17. My favorite memory of being a mom, happened not to long ago. My teenage son told me “Mom I love that you come to all of my track meets and that you take pictures of me, even though sometimes I act like I don’t like it, I do because I have a lot of friends whose parents never come to any events they are in or don’t seem to care about them at all, I love you Mom”.

    Moms just remember your children are only in your home for a short time of your life. Be their biggest cheerleader. Be interested in their life even if they seem like it annoys them. Love them for who they are. They grow up so fast!

  18. As a SAH homeschooling mom of 3——rushing to catch up and in panic mode as the school year is ending, I think I will just say “I’m in” !

  19. When my son was in first grade, parents were invited to sit in on a guided reading lesson at school. He was so excited that he had to tell every teacher we passed in the hallway that I was his mom. It was so sweet. When we actually got to his classroom, he put his arm around me, and announced: “This is my mom! I’ll never forget it.

  20. Hi, Karen. What a nice set of treats you are offering. If there’s chocolate involved, I’m in! My favorite memory of my mom is watching her play organ and direct choir at church – she was always so full of energy and very talented – and the church members just loved her! I was (and still am!) very proud of her!

  21. I’ll get us started. My favorite memory of my mom is the day that this normally resevered, cautious and shy lady strapped on my metal, adjustable roller skates and roller skated around the pool table in our basement when I was about eight years old just to prove she still could. It still makes me smile!

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