To Do “Today”!

Last night at my church, a group of about 25 of us gathered to talk a little about getting organized.

In the kitchen.

In our menu planning and shopping.

In our cooking.

And cleaning.

And ever-mounting paper piles.

And in lots of other areas that are scrawled on our daily “To Do” lists.

I showed one of my favorite organizing tools ever and then gave one away for a door prize.

(I wanted to rig it so my friend Lauren would win. She was sweet enough to bring me a latte for a bribe. But I thought rigging was listed as a sin somewhere in the Bible, so I refrained. Sorry Lauren. :-()

It is a clipboard case. On it, I keep my daily “To Do” list so I can refer to it often.

In it, I put any items that must be dealt with today. These would include overdue book notices, bills that must be paid today, permission slips that must be returned tomorrow, Red Box dvd’s that need to go back to Walgreens, etc…

Then, I make it a habit to check my clipboard every night before I go to bed to deal with what is in it.

Okay…not everynight. We too have overdue Redbox fees sometimes. :-)

Here is a link to where you can purchase one online. I have also found them in person at Staples, Office Max and Walmart.

Now go turn your “To Do” list into an “All Done” one on its way to the paper shredder. :-)


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  1. My son has been using one of these since he started high school, and he loves it! I bought him a new one for school this year (he’s a senior) that had the latch on the side rather than the bottom. He kindly “donated” the still-usable old one to me. I’ve held on to it waiting to find the perfect use for it ~ and you just provided it! Thanks so much!

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