Valentine’s Giveaway

Well, I planned to have a Valentine’s post and giveaway for you today.

Then, the school called to say my “baby” was sick (all nearly six feet, 200+ pounds of him!)

So, I’ll still feature the giveaway. Just no time for the post.

Got me some chicken soup to whip up and a doctor’s run to make. (And, of course, a Yoda Soda to grab for the patient at Biggby Coffee on the way home from Doc R’s!)

I’ll keep this post up until Friday when I hope to have a guest blogger featured with another love-themed giveaway.

That is unless I catch whatever my boy’s got. Ach–ooo!!

Okay then, here is a just-for-fun-no-lesson-or-lecture-to-go-with-it Valentine’s giveaway. It includes:

~ Some Dark Kiss lotion from Bath & Body Works

~ A bag of Hershey’s dark kisses for you

~ A bag of dark chocolate M & M’s for the kiddos in your life (or…let’s be honest….perhaps for you too!)

~ Some Joe Boxer warm, fuzzy lounge socks

Okay— to be entered, leave a comment telling us your favorite thing to have when you are sick. Mine is Stewart’s Key Lime soda.

Or, if you are slammed today, have a sick one to care for yourself or can’t think of an answer, just say “Dark chocolate”!

Winner announced Friday. :-)

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