When Your Paths No Longer Cross

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Do you ever switch circles?

You know, change churches, no longer have a child in a certain sport or stop being part of an interest group to which you once belonged?

As a result, people you may have rubbed shoulders with pretty consistently at one time now rarely cross your path. You may think of them sometimes; wonder what (and how) they are doing.

When such a person crosses your mind, consider that it may be God tapping you on the heart, trying to prompt you to reach out to them.

I did just that yesterday; called someone I used to see weekly when our kids played a homeschool sport together. I hadn’t talked to her in nearly a year.

We were only able to visit for a few minutes by phone but it was clear why God wanted me to call.

She is in the midst now of severe health issues and going through an unpleasant and unwanted divorce. It did her heart good to know someone cared and had been sensitive to that heart-tapping of the Lord.

And it made me sad for the times I think to send the note or leave the encouraging Facebook comment, but am too busy to follow through with actual action.

While God has been teaching me lately not to pack my time with trivial over-connections with people (so easy to do in the age of social media and instant access to others by texting, cell phones, etc), I need to be ever mindful that there are times He wants me to be His hands and feet and show His heart to a hurting soul.

Those gentle nudges are the reason I need to create white space and margin in my days so I can stop for a few minutes and reach out.

If God lightly drums on your heart today prompting you to reach out to someone you don’t see so much anymore, do it.

You’ll (and she’ll) be glad you did.


  1. How many times does God tap us? How often do I feel bad that I don’t follow thu-all the time! I need to pray more for his strength to follow thru and not always be too busy for not only my friends-but for those who I might not know-but need a hug/note/smile-or just say “hi” in passing-how can God use me each day? That is my prayer! Thanks for the reminder Karen! May god continue to bless u!

  2. This is such good advice and so timely! I just got off the phone with a friend and neighbor who lost their home to fire not long ago. I just wanted to check in with her and let her know we were here if they needed anything and that we are praying for them. I will be more cognizant of God’s heart-tapping now and reach out when thoughts touch my heart, knowing that it is God asking me to be His hands and feet. Thanks, Glynnis.

  3. Love your post today! The past few days I’ve had a lady at church on my mind. I’m not close to her but when we pass at church we say hi. I haven’t seen her lately & haven’t seen any posts from her on fb. I decided to post a comment on her fb page (pretty much the only way I know how to get in touch w/her). She did respond to say she’d been really busy & had to take up a 2nd job. I don’t know what my words meant to her but I know that God laid her on my heart & I was obedient.

  4. Thanks Karen, I try to do this often but it’s good to know that it’s just not me but others feel the same way. I’ll be praying that God allows you extra time to do this. It really does mean so much to others.

  5. That is so funny you mentioned that–you are my messenger today!!!! A friend of my Sister popped up on my computer–I am going to drop her an e-mail and just say HI!!! Thanks my sweet friend!!! Blessings, barb

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