Tomorrow I turn 40-something. A “something’ a little closer to 50 than to 40 is all I’ll say.

I told my hubby I don’t want any gifts.

(Although I wouldn’t balk if he fell into some money and bought me an Ipad! I’ve often thought I need to go to group therapy and boldly declare, “Hello. My name is Karen. I have Ipad envy.”)

Today, I want to give some gifts to you and invite you to my upcoming “party”.

The party is our online study of hospitality that starts March 19th based on my book A Life That Says Welcome. Wait ’til you see the great line-up of guests who will join us and the stunning giveaways they are offering!

But to participate, you must do two things: Get a hold of the book and start reading. (Yes, you’ll need the book. You can often borrow it from a church or public library) And then, sign up for my RSS feed in the top of the sidebar here so the posts will arrive automatically to your email. We will also be doing some fun connecting on Facebook too so head over and “like” my Karen Ehman’s Book Studies page.

Now, for my birthday givewaway.

I can’t think of anything I’d rather give a cyber friend than the gift of God’s word. So, here is a package that includes:

~A NIV woolen Bible in dark gray with a whimsical button closure. Cute!

~ A blue Bible highlighter designed not to bleed through the pages.

~ A copy of the DVD teaching series of Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa TerKeurst and a participant’s guide. You can study alone or grab a few friends and host a study at your home.

Ok– to be entered to be gifted with this gift package, tell me what cake you would pick to enjoy on your birthday?

I love coconut cake. The from-scratch kind laden with coconut all over the thick, white frosting my mom used to make me.

And you?

NOTE: Be sure to mark your calendar and catch me next Monday on Focus on the Family talking with John Fuller and my friend Dr. Juli Slattery on Practical Tips for Organizing a Busy Home. :-) We had a blast recording it. I just love the folks at Focus!


  1. Homemade strawberry shortcake! But you have to make sure it’s with fresh strawberries and whipped cream! Yummy! :)

  2. On my birthday I would like Texas Sheet Cake. I will probably get a box mix cake made by my hubby and daughters, which is also very good. (smile)

  3. From scratch Waldorf Astoria, better known as Red Velvet, cake with Butter Cream Frosting. Now a days you can buy a red velvet cake mix and folks use cream cheese frosting, but that is not originally the frosting used on this wonderful cake. My Grandma made this for special occasions and I continue to spoil some family member about once a year with her recipe. It is so good! Happy Birthday Karen, 40 something is a good age! Even 50 something isn’t all bad!!

  4. German chocolate that someone else made. Any cake will really do, especially if the calories are canceled as a birthday gift!

  5. My favorite cake is my friend, Anna’s chocolate cake. She’s from Ukraine, and it is so rich! My bible cover ripped, so I love the chance to win a new one.

  6. My MOST favorite is German chocolate.
    Thank. You for your wonderful site, what a blessing you are to me!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Karen! Mine is not really a cake, it would be creme’ brûlée!!
    The best I’ve ever tasted was at Ruth’s Cris, my family has taken me there for my birthday
    and Mother’s and I got to have it. both times. It’s soooo good!!

  8. I like chocolate cake with a cherry pie filling baked in it and a boiled chocolate icing on top!! Mm, yep, I’m a chocolate lover and I woudl love your free gift!

  9. Happy Birthday. My favourite birthday cake is my Dad’s recipe for Orange Cake. Nobody made it just like him. Love you Dad. xx

  10. Happy Birthday!! Many blessings to you!!
    I’ve always loved a marble cake with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles…..and even better if accompanied by mint chocolate chip icecream!! Yummy!!

  11. Hope that your birthday is amazing. I bought your book today in honor of your birthday and your upcoming study :)
    I would love to be able to taste my grandmother’s German Chocolate cake that she used to make for my birthday and the homemade ice cream that my family always made to go with it. Good memories!

  12. I have a friend/co-worker who makes the best almond-flavor cake. I guess it’s sort of like a pound cake, but it has icing on it. And she does make it for me for my birthday every year!

    Happy Birthday, Karen!

  13. Birthday Blessings! I would like a home made Red Velvet! I would love to read your book!! Hopefully I will get a copy soon. The study would be fun but I’m already doing Wendy Pope’s study of the Psalms and Renee Swope’s A confident Heart, so not sure I could work it in at this time.

  14. I would have Fudge Cake that my friend, Teresa, makes. It is a basic cake with about 5 thin layers that you pour this delicious fudge frosting over while the cake is hot – between each layer and on top – oh my goodness, it’s GOOD!

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