What Jordyn’s Missteps Teach Us

Did you see it? US gymnast sensation Jordyn Weiber’s slight step out of bounds on the floor exercise? Or her momentary bobble on the beam? That tiny wobble on the bars?

These minuscule missteps cost her a spot in the all-around individual competition for a gold medal.

Our entire region was heartbroken. Jordyn lives in a little town 9 miles from me. We were rooting for her looooong before the rest of the world knew who she was.

But Jordyn’s missteps didn’t cost her anything in the eyes of her hometown fans.

We still love her. Believe in her. Will root for her til the closing ceremony.

Her standing with us was unaffected by her bobbles and blips.

I needed that lesson last night from this dynamo of pint-sized athlete.

My bobbles and blips in my walk with Christ do not affect my eternal standing. They don’t disqualify me or leave me out of the heavenly ceremony that will one day take place.

When Jordyn returns to our rural community, we’ll be cheering and clapping like crazy, no matter if she brings home multiple medals or none. Just like Jesus will be for you, dear one, when your earthly life is over.

Will we sometimes step out of bounds? Wobble and need to adjust?


But when the game of life is over, Jesus will be standing, waiting for us. Clapping and cheerling like crazy.

Thanks for the lesson Jordyn. This middle-aged, no-longer-can-do-a-cartwheel mom needed it.

You are forever our hometown hero!

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