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I’ve had a few situations that have tempted me to become unglued emotionally this week.

My stove top isn’t working properly and needs to be repaired.

My dishwasher is on the fritz.

Oh, and when it went on the fritz, it flooded the kitchen. I woke up to a lake one morning with my kitchen island floating in the center.

While waiting for the appliances to be fixed, I must light the gas stove top by hand (no biggie) and do all of our dishes by hand (a biggie!).

Last night, the kitchen was clean when I retired. This morning, after my 17 year old son had two friends over who decided to bake a cake, it looks like this:


And, the tasty cake they made—orange cream with cream cheese frosting—is a sweet—-something I am trying NOT to eat.

Unglued again.

Have you been there?

Are you there now?

Leave a comment with your unglued situtaion and you just might win one of three copies of Lysa TerKeurt’s new book Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions.

It has only been out since August 7th and is already a New York Times bestseller!

I read an advanced copy and it is FABULOUS!!!!

In fact, reading it helped me reign in my emotions when my kitchen appliances (and my kids) didn’t cooperate.

It just might help you keep your cool too when your situations are spinning out of control.

Winner announced Monday. :-)


  1. Unemployment = unglued.
    College advisors that are no help at all = unglued.
    Family drama = unglued.
    My best friend got married and moved away = happy for her, unglued for me.
    It’s an unglued life, but it’s also a good life. :)

  2. I work 3rd shift part-time at a nursing home. 3 kids (10, 13 & 16) and a husband who works alot. Not much glue in my life :/ I’ve seen so many great reviews for this book.!

  3. Ah, my sweet little 4YO had to have a tooth pulled yesterday. I am still an emotional wreck after having to hold her down while they did this. The thing that got me was her asking about the kids at school “They won’t say I look funny, will they?” I feel like when I am stretched to the max emotionally like I am now, the smallest thing just sets me into a tailspin. I hate not feeling in control!

  4. Unglued moments? got a lot of that with a 4 year old girl, a 2 year old boy and an 8 month old baby boy. mostly those kind of moments come when my girl and toddler fight over a toy, nobody would give in, they’re both screaming and mommy is already stressed from all the chores and taking care of baby. most of the time, i’m fast to ask God for help but there are times that i just lost it… screaming at my kids. then regret what i did. i’m still under construction and i praise the Lord for His mercy and grace.

  5. Unglued…..usually it is one little thing that causes the bomb to go off…..the real cause is little incidents throughout the weeks that smoulder….you know, the day that all I got done is a few loads of laundry and filling the bin with notebook paper. That’s it! Yes, everyone got fed–all 10 of us–But as I look back on that particular day, I got to read books and play games with my little ones. I got to visit and joke with my older children. As I look back on other peoples’ comments, I have NOTHING to become unglued about! Seriously, NOTHING! I have a family and friends who love me and a Jesus who died for me–warts and all!!

  6. In 2010, I was unglued. I had a separation from my husband that turned ugly quickly. We fought so badly that I ran away to a shelter. For three months I cried out to God wondering how I got to this place in my life with my three year old, 18 month old and one on the way. By 2011 we had paperwork for divorce and were going through a custody battle. Finally, we both surrendered our lives to God and reconciled in October of 2011. We are one year to the anniversary. We are humble about our struggle and fight everyday to never become unglued in our faith, marriage and family. We have put Him first. It has been a hard road to forgiveness for me and for my husband – we could have never been able to do it with out Him there helping us learn how to pray for each other and love each other again.

  7. I thought I had already posted but it looks like its gone :(

    My whole life is unglued right now. My husband is having job related issues, my daughter had to drop out of the school she has always wanted to go to because her father refuses to help her financially and we cant afford to do anymore for her, my youngest and oldest daughters are having some tremendous emotional and legal issues and meanwhile I am supposed to be everyones rock while working full time and trying to obtain my masters degree.

  8. Sending a 13 yo to 8th grade in a few weeks, hoping his “engage brain before mouth” skills have improved…sigh….

  9. My most recent “unglued” situation was about a month ago. I had surgery a couple of weeks before. I felt like eating breakfast out. My husband and I enjoyed breakfast and then decided to go to the store afterwards. After shopping we found our car with a flat tire. I had just gotten 4 new tires a month before my surgery. As luck would have it it was Saturday 4pm. We drove around to the service center to find that they were closed. However the guys were still there so one of them tried to help us. He said it looked like someone just slashed our tire. He and my husband tried to locate the spare tire in our van. They couldn’t find it. I had just talked to my car insurance agent a couple of weeks before, and he had given me the number of our emergency road service since it wasn’t on our card yet. I tried calling the number and you guessed it! It was the wrong number! I tried to look it up on my iPhone, but with no luck. Before we had found the flat tire I had started feeling bad. My husband realized that we needed to get home! We decided to drive home with the tire as it was! I think we drove 10 mph all the way home. We lived about 15 minutes away. Drivers behind us were getting mad, etc. We were praying more earnestly than we had in awhile to try to make it home! We started hearing horrible sounds as we got to our street! We barely made it! Thank God! Everything turned out great! The van got towed on Monday morning with no problems, and the dealership replaced my tire for free! I was feeling better as well. During all of the problems I have to admit that I became unglued! My poor husband! I would love to win your book! I think my husband would love for me to win it too!

  10. My unglued moment….being a single parent to a hormonal 10 year old daughter. I have days when I wonder how am I ever going to make it. I run myself ragged to find things still aren’t complete, things are not good enough. I am ungluded daily….. :) But, I am blessed with a healthy, storng- willed child, without her where would I be?

  11. I come unglued too often in my daily routines. I pray daily for the Lords wisdom in handling my emotions in all circumstances.

  12. I have my fingers crossed that I won’t have TOO many unglued moments when I take my two year old triplets to Disneyworld in Sept – talk about a recipe for being unglued :)

  13. I wanted to share my “unglued” story and then I saw Jade’s post! Please give that gal a copy, she deserves it far more than me!

    Jade, you are in my prayers!

  14. I too feel unglued at times. My family and I have lived in our current home for 4 years now and for the entire 4 years we have been slowly renovating. Which means, my house is never in order like I want it to be. It’s very cluttered at times. I asked my husband just a couple of days ago is we would ever live in a clutter free, renovation free home and you know what he told me. ‘No.’ Oh how I’m just going to have to see this is as our normal somehow.
    Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to read this book!

  15. Unglued? It’s the little things, not the big things. The big things are SO big they are constant reminders to put my trust and reliance in Him. It’s the little things that I overlook, that I forget to turn over to Him… those are the things that trip me up, tie me up, make me come unglued!

  16. Yesterday as I was trying to plan meals and get a grocery list together and collect the library books we had 5 poops between my 3 children. seriously. my not very productive morning was frustrating, but in the end what was truly important got done and I am thankful for that!

  17. My unglued is not a moment it has been most of this year. My Mother and Sister had an auto accident on Christmas Day. My Mother was sent to UAB tramuma unit and died on January 8th. My sister is still dealing with her injuries but is back at work. My sister lived with my Mother and I’m learning what a hand full my sister really was. She is not saved and I’ve tried to step in and help only to deal with attitude time and time again. This last time was the end of the road for me (I say, my daughter laughed and said “right mom” you’ll still help). In the mean time my son-in-law ask my daughter for a seperation and she is now living with us. I think I really need to purchase this book just to try to keep my head on. Please pray for situation. KB

  18. My youngest has just gone off to college and I am finding myself a bit unglued. An empty house may sound like heaven to some, but after it being full of noise and activity for 22 years, it’s just a bit too quiet around here. And trying to manage my emotions so my husband doesn’t think I’ve lost my mind has me unglued at the most inopportune times!

  19. I have a lot of UNGLUED issues. A lot stem from my job working with the public and a co-worker whose mindlessness drives me nuts. Then there is my husband, who has physical issues he won’t get taken care of because he is stubborn. Then there is my mom…..God love her, who can almost totally drive me crazy each and every day. But, Praise God I have Jesus to help pull m e through each of these issues on any fiven day!

  20. My UNGLUED comes almost daily!! Does that happen to anyone else? I think most of them happen in my job, dealing with the public. Some come from a co-worker who nearly drives me crazy with her antics. And then there is my husband, who refused to asknowledge he can’t hear anything and won’t help himself. Oh yes. and mom, who I love to peices, but is on my last nerve most of the time. WHEWWWW…..Lord help me glue myself together!! And TY Jesus for helping me through!!

  21. I always struggled with coming Unglued. Most recently, the kids were supposed to be getting ready for school and I found them playing Legos with no thought to the bus or my asking if they were ready to go. I ran to the bathroom for some Tylenol since it was going to be one of those days, and my husband had rearranged the medicine cabinet that’ hangs over the toilet so a slew of medications fell into the toilet (where my son had forgotten to flush). Yep, it’s a struggle every day.

  22. Just glanced through some of the situations of our sisters in Christ~ praying for all of you and gaining perspective, yes I become unglued frequently but Praise God life is good now and I’m will keep my eyes on the Lord to prevent and survive ‘unglued’ moments. I know we are blessed by Karen and Lysa’s willingness to share their daily walk with Christ.
    God Bless,

  23. My most memorable unglued moment happened within days of moving into our new kitchen. We had been living in a cottage with one great room that contained one wall of kitchen appliances separated by a small counter space. The living area and dining area were all within mere steps of this “kitchen.” But, as our family grew, since we loved the location of our home, we added on. One of the rooms we added one was a “real kitchen.” After months of living in a demolition, washing dishes in the bathtub, cooking with only a microwave or using the grill, we finally moved into our new kitchen. Every part of it felt precious, as we have added (yes, still doing it!) onto our home with our own sweat and tears, and as we have saved money to do so.
    My most memorable unglued moment arrived when my oldest daughter, who was 12 years old at the time, climbed onto our new ceramic stove top and stood on it to reach something in a cabinet above the stove. As she stepped, the ceramic made a noise that I could hear from another part of the house. It cracked completely across the whole thing! The worst part of this was that we had given her specific instructions against climbing to get things – a bad habit of hers and part of her desire to be independent. So, not only was the stovetop broken but she had disobeyed!

  24. After homeschooling for three years, my children returned to public school last week. Doing my best to not “lose it” when my dd wants to sleep and it is 5 minutes before the bus comes. Returning to work outside the home after being a SAH mom for over 10 yrs due to husband not working in 3 years due to an injury. This book is just what I need for wisdom to handle all the challenging moments in my life with grace and mercy.

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