KEEP IT SHUT Behind-the-Scenes Filming Pics {Finally!}

KEEP.IT.SHUTSo, last week at a quaint farm in Alto, MI, the filming for my nest book KEEP IT SHUT took place. Some retro furniture was brought into an old red barn. The couches, chairs, and settees were filled with sweet and patient ladies from the area. A few even came from as far away as Illinois, Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia.

When the director yelled “Action”, I made a feeble attempt to share the {sometimes painful!} life lessons I have learned, and still am learning, about what scripture says about how and how not to use our words.

The talented and gorgeous Melissa Taylor from our Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies joined me on the set for a girlfriend-talk show sorta format. She is so gifted at leading women in studying the Bible and we had at total blast! {Kathie Lee and Hoda better beware!}

I’m sharing some pictures here today. My Go-To Gals, who helped pray me through last week, already got a sneak peek. {Click here for info on becoming a Go-To Gal} I will be back in another post later on to tell you how you can also be a part of this project releasing just after Christmas.

For now, enjoy the pictures. If you look real close, you just may spot one of the 492 flies that also showed up for the filming.

Yeah. That is what happens when you film at a barn.

In Michigan.

In June.

“Cuuuuuuuttt! A fly buzzed by her head. Take two!”


The retro and rustic set.


The audience from my view. Aren’t these ladies lovely???


A 23 year-old talented hair stylist and make-up artist was flown in from from Charlotte, NC. She owns her own salon and also does some work for the Billy Graham association. {And to think I used to scold her for getting into my purse and putting lipstick on her doll’s faces and cutting their hair! }


Producer Mike Seaton from the C2 group and a cameraman. C2 is a a top-notch production company from West Michigan.


 Melissa and me. She is amazing!! The ladies taking the Bible study will love her engaging personality.


I couldn’t find a pic of Robin, my editor from Zondervan. She was probably too busy flitting around taking care of details and keeping me on track to slow down for a shot. Here she is the next day on the left with her hubby Ryan and pictured with our friend Cindy Bultema and her husband John. Cindy is a speaker and Bible study author and a member of my prayer team. She couldn’t attend the taping but I sure felt her prayers!
Since the book and Bible study are about our words, some of the words I spoke or Bible verses that we studied were written on antique windows and sprinkled all around the set. My FAV part of the whole shoot!!



 My favorite part of the set was the windows. But my favorite part of the entire filming? Having daughter Kenna, and her best friend since age three, Annie {who is my second daughter} there with me. Annie was an audience member. We weren’t thinking when we took this shot between sessions. The director had to yell “Cut!” when he spied lipstick on one of my cheeks!


Me with three of my four close friends who together form an accountably group. They pray daily for me and my family and ministry and we also check in with each other once a day to share if we have–or have not–spent time alone with God that day, reading the Bible and praying. Only one (Kim Cordes on the far left–my travel assistant) is from MI. The rest are from three different states. Lindsey Feldpausch is on my left. Sharon Glasgow on my right. Mary Steinke is missing due to illness :-( If you want to form such a group, I suggest you check out Good Morning Girls)
When one of the crew needed to leave near the end of the day, Kenna hopped in and pulled double duty, also acting as the marker gal. “KEEP IT SHUT wrap ups. Session Six. Take Two.” The original dude might need to look for a new job!


And of course, when it was all over, I had to go all Ryan Seacrest and take a selfie with these beautiful new friends. selfie.KIS

Now that filming is finished, and all of  the edits to my book are turned in, (they were due just four short days after we wrapped up the shoot!) I am going out to take a nap on the hammock!!

Watch for details to come on how you can be involved in help spreading the word about KEEP IT SHUT and maybe getting to read an advance copy!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


  1. This was such an encouragement today.
    I plan to write a book. I Love poems and writing out
    Devotions thst touch my heart and ferl God has spoken to
    Me through them and His Word, prayer and song.
    I want to do this by being able to see where God has bern with
    Me throughout the day, evenings, month, days , years
    Morning, and moment by moment.
    He is Truly an Amazing God and hopefully I can write my own devotion
    Through my experiences I have with God. Thanks
    This definitely was encouraging. God Bless, Val :)

  2. It was SO much fun being on set for the Bible study video’s!! My 24 hours of traveling time was worth EVERY SECOND!!! I wouldn’t have missed it for ANYTHING! I can’t wait to read the book!!!!
    What an honor to be one of your Good Morning Gals! I love you Karen!!

  3. So super fun to see the great pics! It was painful to not be there — but you are correct, I was praying for you non-stop! Can’t wait to see the finished product this winter! You are so beautiful — inside and out — my friend! Thanks for sharing your behind-the-scenes recap with us!

  4. Thank you for sharing! I love your “realness” and approachability. I so agree with you that everyone is going to love Melissa Taylor. I have participated in many Proverbs 31 online Bible studies and she is one of the reasons I keep coming back. Praying for you, your team and all involved in the launch of your book and study. I can’t wait!

  5. Karen,
    These pictures are fabulous! I love seeing your heart to make God be glorified through it all! I can not wait for this book and tapings to be available! So glad that all went well and most of all you had fun! (The audience looked like they had fun too!) Blessings my friend as we see God do great things through your faithfulness!

  6. Karen, I love seeing the play-by-play, and I am especially inspired by your accountability group and the fact that you’re all not in the same state. You’ve got my juices flowing on an idea for for forming one with two gals the Lord has put on my mind. THANKS!

    1. Lisa– Check out Good Morning Girls. Although we do not follow all of the studies they do together with women all over the world (they are AWESOME!) we do utilize their idea of checking in via text or email each day. We study whatever we want. Two of the gals are leaders in BSF in their towns (Bible Study Fellowship) and they study their homework for that. The rest of us may be doing another study or just our own thing. For the first time ever we are doing the same study this summer, a new one by Beth Moore. Since this group was already formed as my “prayer shield” we decided to add in the Bible study accountability piece. Best wishes with forming your group.

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