12 Days of Christmas Winners Announced!

Thank you all SO MUCH for joining in on the fun during this year’s 12 days of giveaways series. I wish everyone could win, But alas, there are only 12 prizes and one grand prize.

Below is the list of winners. Each person will be contacted via the email they used when they left their comment on the post so we can get your mailing address. (NOTE: If we don’t hear back from the winners by Monday, January 4th, a new winner will be chosen.)

And now, for the winners!

Day One with Shannon Acheson:  Mary Tullila

Day Two with Amber Smith:  Heather West

Day Three with Bella Schwenk: Kallyn (email begins with kalmaddox08…)

Day Four with Andrea Brouwer: Shelly Foshee

Day Five with Nicki Koziarz: Tammy Underwood

Day Six with Alexa Joseph: Tammy Wright

Day Seven with Kia Stephens: Mariel Roersma

Day Eight with Chrystal Evans Hurst: Megan (email begins with meganlavae…)

Day Nine with Jodie Berndt: Christina (email begins with cmc5j)

Day Ten with Alexandra Hoover: Mary Kate Carter

Day Eleven with Ashley Morgan Jackson: Sadie Wood

Day Twelve with Karen Ehman: Sarah Butterfield

And…..drum roll please….the GRAND PRIZE WINNER IS: Hollie Mccallip

Have a wonderful and safe Christmas and rest of 2020!

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