Write it Down Weekend Giveaway

Have you ever had so much to do that you put off even making a to do list? In fact, you were afraid that if you actually wrote down all that you had to do, you’d be too scared to look at it!

Be brave, sisters. I have been there. (In fact, I’m there as we speak!)

I find that the days I spin my wheels are the days that I don’t have a written plan of attack.

Or at least a short list.

Okay….or even a single sticky note!

I am headed off to make my list; my plan off attack for the weekend and its many projects. Some are physical (painting a dresser). Some are mental (writing—lots and lots of writing).

Before I go, here is a giveaway designed to help you ‘write it down’.

It includes:
~ A whimsical kitchen menu planner
~ A week-at-a-glance pad for your desk
~ Some cute blue sticky notes with a little bird on them
~ A pack of my favorite pencils–Ticonderoga # 2’s
~ A package of cinnamon hot cocoa
~ A signed copy of my book The Complete Guide to Getting & Staying Organized

To be entered, leave a comment telling us this: what are you doing this weekend?

Oh yeah, and if it involves a task, better write it down!!! ;-)



  1. I’m sleeping in with my husband Saturday morning. I have missed him when I was out of town for twelve days. later he and I will take our granddaughters to church. Sunday my husband and I plan to spend the day up at the mountains just outside of Las Vegas, Nv.

  2. We’re on vacation! Although, I’m still trying to check of few things off my to-do list: scheduling family pictures, figuring out how to change beneficiary designations on some of our accounts so that I can finally erase estate planning from my list, and paying a few bills.

  3. Hi girls! Hope everyone is well.

    This weekend is a tough one since I was in the hospital yesterday, but I have to keep going like the energizer bunny. Today I cleaned my kitchen – degreasing everything and I’m going to clean the fridge in a bit. Then I have a lot of schoolwork to catch up on, then make dinner and clean up afterwards. Tomorrow I have to do some laundry, then class from 11:50 to 3 pm, then come home and cook, cleanup, go to home depot to pick up some things with my husband. We will then go visit my aunt at the hospital and bring her some food, then come home, fold the laundry help my husband put up some shelves and a light fixture (home depot), study until 1AM and then go food shopping at the market (it opens from 1 am to 9am – wholesale market).

    I hope I can complete all of my tasks!!

    God bless!

  4. I am nursing a sick family today. Tomorrow: making glow in the dark chalk for Sunday Morning Small Group – 3rd graders – yay! Cuddling babies in the nursery tomorrow. Meeting old friends for lunch after church. Fitting in laundry and some housekeeping amongst the rest. My throat is starting to feel slightly ick.

  5. Another very busy weekend. Friday night was spent with hubby and grandson. They have gone to the woods now, getting ready for deer season in a few weeks. I am trying to get caught up on paying bills, reading email and cleaning house before I set out to a ATU Foundation board meeting at 2, then on to an ATU Football game. I will be an elevator greeter for those going up to the presidential suite, then I will make my way to the stands and become Tech’s number one fan. Finish up the night reading God’s word and thanking Him for everything I have. He is so good.

    Sunday will be teaching juniors Sunday school class and choir and worship service. Still so much to do to get ready for another week.

    Thank you Karen for all you do. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  6. Meeting for fellowship with prayer partners; taking boys to and from soccer practices and 3 games (my husband gets the other 3 games and one son); Bible Study, character studies with the kids; planning fall projects including work, kids, remodeling, ministry; writing notes of encouragement and thanks; finishing Income Taxes!!!!; church; funeral; family time.

  7. This weekend our church is having tent revival services. My husband and I are responsible for cooking and serving the pork bbq for the dinner after the Sunday services and the baptisms in the river. Yesterday, we shopped for the food and attended the services, and today, we are doing the prep work then attending services tonight.

    I am also the principal and teacher in a small Christian School, and this weekend we are moving out of the basement of the church into our new school building.

    God has blessed these two ministries exceeding abundantly! Praying for the strength to do what needs to be completed, and being able to set the right priorities to get in done in the proper order.

    I would love to receive the getting organized give away. Thanks for your ministry!

  8. LOL,! Ahhh the weekend to do list. As a busy working mom the weekend is a love/hate relationship. So much to do and so little time to do it all. This weekend feels overwhelming, and so here goes the list: finish coupon cutting, grocery shopping, house cleaning (not just the surface stuff, in need of the works), birthday party planning and invitation making for daughter’s birthday party NEXT weekend (yes I am that Mama to hand the invites out sooo last minute, and feel terrible about it), birthday present shopping for said daughter and older daughter’s friend (her birthday part is Sunday), study for test at work, practice reading with daughter, spend time as a family this weekend (husband will be gone next week for work), Church on Sunday, and help girls get ready for the school week ahead………whew! Of course that also includes rising early each day to spend alone (really alone with no distractions from anyone) with my friend Jesus and seeking and planning out ways to help my children learn valuable Jesus truths.

  9. After beginning the day by drinking coffee on the front porch with my dog, I’ll be cleaning house, buying groceries, watching football, going to church, meeting with my Sunday care group, and working on lessons for ladies’ bible class.

  10. I’m with my husband, who is a deaf pastor, and a couple from our deaf church in St. Thomas, USVI. We are here on a missions trip, working with the deaf who are in desparate need of a strong church. We will be meeting with them all weekend and into next week. We’re praying for God to use us for His glory in their lives..

  11. This is exactly where I am: too much to do I fear writing it down! As for this weekend I will focus on what I am looking forward to…meeting with our missions team that went to Swaziland, Africa in August to share pictures and how the Lord is moving in our hearts since we returned. I can’t wait! Then it is back home to prepare for company tomorrow…there are many lists to be made:)

  12. Family picnic, son’s first midget football game, daughter’s birthday party, laundry, cleaning, the list goes on and on….

  13. Saturday morning I will be trying to watching one son play a tackle football game while assisting/entertaining our other 2 kids (husband will be working). Rest of the day will be spent on basic cleaning and doing all the things that didn’t get done this week. Hopefully grill something on our new grill. Sunday morning church. Then leave right after for a 3 hour drive to a visitation for my Uncle Walt, stay for a couple of hours and drive home again.

  14. I usually work a full-time job and a part time job at a video store but have taken three days off and so am tidying my house, my car and generally sorting my life out (I know, a big big job!!!!). Spring time in New Zealand is a very motivating time!!!!!!

  15. I am going to put away my to-do list this weekend and enjoy some family time. Believe me, it’s not an easy task but my family needs me more than the world needs a clean house.
    I challenge everyone to put away their to-list for a little while and enjoy what really matters most.

  16. My husband and I will be putting up shelves on our porch. this should be a real marriage builder as we have different ideas on how things should get done.. then we have to go to work and then a birthday party for my neice.. of course I didn’t talk to our kids.. so throw in their plans and my plans get thrown out the window ;) Have a blessed weekend friends

  17. Hi,

    Tomorrow, with the help of my 14 year old daughter, we will be unpacking my 85 year-old mother-in-law from her recent move from Denver, CO to Mooresville, NC. In the afternoon a group of volunteers from our church will be visiting her assisted living faciity offering ice cream sundaes and Bingo! By 5:30 all of my family will be at church.

    Sunday morning is my Dad’s 82nd birthday. He is preaching at the church I grew up at, Boger City UMC. Quite a way to celebrate being 82! My sister is coming down from the NC mountains to join us. Then we’re off to eat lunch at a church my father helped to build.

    I am very disorganized and scattered and confused and need to start following your organization tips.

  18. This weekend I am cleaning house, attending my sons soccer game, making lasagna, reading the scripture and doing children’s message in church, laundry and doing school work to get ready for next week. I hope I can fit it all in.

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