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When You Wear Too Many Hats

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Welcome to you joining by finding your way here from my Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion today called Wearing Too Many Hats. {To read it, click here but be sure to come back for the giveaway!}

When You Wear Too Many Hats: Giveaway of Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus at karenehman.com

Do you also wear too many hats? Are you a counselor, co-worker, daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, aunt, grandma, neighbor, chef, nurse, counselor, referee, committee chair, and oh, yeah … a woman of God?

Maybe it is time you pressed pause and pulled back to refresh and refuel.

PPIf you want to be entered to win one of three copies of my latest book Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus leave a comment here tell us what hats you wear during the course of the week or why you need to press pause for a while.

It’s time we moms grabbed a little piece of quiet.


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  1. I’m so thankful God has given me the opportunity to be a stay-at-home momma who is also a wife, friend, daughter, children’s church teacher, Bible Study leader, blogger, house cleaner, chef, errand-runner and…. quiet time seeker!!!

  2. Hats I wore this week: Mom, wife, sister, coordinator of homeschool event, friend, mentor, babysitter, cook, driver, problem-solver, speaker, prayer warrior…I am sure I could go on but this is something I truly have never stopped to think about. This article has encouraged me to just stop and think about the hats and how much we fill this white space. Thanks for writing it down! :)

  3. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for the reminder of stacking our ‘hats’ in proper order!! The hat that gives me the most anxiety is…gentle mom. I use the adjective ‘gentle’ and I’m speaking the truth when I say it gives me anxiety. It doesn’t come naturally to me and I found myself just recently saying, “God, why can’t I be more like so-and-so, who has such a gentle spirit about her?” I get mad at the drop of a hat (pun intended lol) and I started the bad habit of comparing myself to other women who seem to ‘have it all together.’ Now, I know that’s not true, but some days I find myself comparing. So gentleness gives me anxiety, as crazy as that sounds. It’s such a struggle for me on most days that I feel like maybe it’s not possible for me to show gentleness. I am kind-hearted but sometimes that doesn’t show through because my fiery spirit surfaces instead. Anyone else out there who can relate?? To say this book would be a blessing is an understatement!

  4. I wear hats as wife, mom, daughter, friend, cook, baker, cleaner, shopper, teacher. Hmmm….any more? I do feel my life is not properly balanced, especially now at the end of a school year. We definitely have seasons in our lives, but remembering that we are daughters of the king and spending that oh so precious time with Him!! I don’t always pause to remember and to cherish that!

  5. Like the busy ladies who posted before me, I wear too many hats. I am a daughter of The King, wife, step-mama, daughter, sister, sister-in-law to some hurting/needy ladies, aunt, care-giver for disabled father-in-law AND for his farm (with hubby)- including cows, chickens, barn cats, electric fence and weeds that encroach on it; and THEN I go to work and wear the hats of practice manager, nurse, paperwork queen, apparently knows-everything person- I constantly hear, “Go ask Jenn, she knows” or “she’ll do it.”- and prayer warrior.
    Only spending time with Our Abba in prayer and The Word keeps me sane. All of those hats weigh on my shoulders, though.
    Praying for everyone who posted and for you, too, Karen!

  6. I am wife, step-mom, friend, bonus mom, nursery director, coordinator of the secret sister program and ladies prayer breakfasts, full time office manager and daughter (only child). Phew, I’m exhausted just typing it.

  7. Child of God, wife, mom, Godmother, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, friend, chef, maid, landscaper, gardener, cheerleader, dog sitter, housekeeper, maintenance specialist, church member, volunteer, prayer warrior, home manager, etc. The list goes on…. I need to press pause once in awhile so I can get back on track and not get stuck in one area too long.

  8. So many hats! I loved your skit for the Women Living Well conference with all of the hats, we moms wear! I am child of god, wife, parent, cook, housekeeper, ‘teacher,’ entertainer, Sunday School/VBS assistant, secretary for hubby, daughter, and sister. Pressing pause is not something that comes naturally to me, be I need to be reminded that I need real fun & refreshment (not just work made fun, unfortunately). Pressing Pause sounds SO good!

  9. I am a Jesus lover, mother (to 4 active kiddos), wife (to a hubby that travels 5 days a week), teacher (special needs), sister, aunt, daughter, friend, neighbor, coach, party planner, cook, maid, chauffeur, ref, bouncer, cheerleader…

  10. I wear many hats a day and I try to grab onto and run with whatever hat by boys throw at me. I think that is the most challenging hat being a “perfect mom”. When being thrown a different hat by each child which may change at any moment and keep it together with the other hats that have to stay on correctly to have a “good day” and keep good relationships with family members and friends, it’s hard but life/relationships are so beautiful and definitely worth it. I would love a copy of pressing pause.

  11. Like the others posted, I’m wearing so many hats, too many hats. Mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, child of God, private tutoring, teacher (homeschooling now?), vbs director, women’s ministry board member, Rainbow teacher, bible study leader, then within each role, you could include cook, housemaid, chauffer, etc. It’s overwhelming and I’ve been praying to God. Something has to give but I’m not sure what. And we’re expecting another baby in August.
    Thanks for this wonderful post!

  12. This summer the hats are stacked high. I am a stay at home mom and in home daycare provider. I am pregnant with our second child and the family I provide care for is expecting a third child in just a few weeks. My husband works 1.5 hours away from home and is gone 12-13 hours a day. I teach/help with vacation bible school at two different churches, swim lessons for my daughter and summer field trips for the other kiddos. I am in charge of our towns weekend festival and getting bogged down with phone calls and paperwork. My husband and I are trying to start up a side BBQ business to bring in extra money to maintain my at home status while our children are young. Stress and worry for the future often consume my husband as do the time constraints that he has to spend quality time with my daughter and I but still do extra things around the house right now during my high risk pregnancy. We acknowledge we need to reprioritize and keep God first but struggle to know how to start and how to make the best use of the time and resources we have.

  13. I pretty much wear all the hats you mentioned as well as gardener, yard maintenance, food preservation (canning/freezing), and maintaining the home of my (widowed) Dad. I need to press pause or my emotions run out of check with the stresses of life.

  14. Mine may not be as many as the others but after being told I would never have children, I had my miracle son at age 38. When he was 15 months old my Mother who is was helping care for while working full-time died. Then my husband started having more depression and panic issues, had to take care of my house, my Dad’s house, full-time job and first time Mom. My husband was diagnosed with cancer after being disabled and not working from depression. My Dad died 4 days before my son turned 6, two months later had to be away from him with my husband for a bone marrow transplant that lasted 3 months in the hospital. Ended with him dying 5 months after my Dad. I am now a supervisor at work and a single mom trying to keep it together. Your ” too many hats” was forwarded to me by my boss who is also going thru so much herself, I just sat and immediately prayed for forgiveness. Thank you for helping both of us. May God continue to bless you and your work.

  15. I wear many hats worker for the kingdom, cook, dishwasher, janitor, mom, sister, grandma, wife, friend, housekeeper, babysitter, taxidriver,

  16. You can tell from these comments that we are all in need of pressing pause. While our lives are so different that is the one thing we have in common. Well, that and we all strive to be the best versions of ourselves for God’s Kingdom.
    I always look forward to your devotinals.

  17. The hats I wear are exhausting at times. The anxiousness about them is the most exhausting! Follower of Jesus, Wife, Mom, homeschooler, graduate student, homemaker, cook, errand runner, daughter, sister, friend! I think I miss doing half of them everyday. The one that causes me most angst is homeschooler and I feel I am messing it up every minute of the day! I’m up late again tonight fretting over if I’m good enough to do it! I definitely need to put God first to help me be centered on him each day instead of my own abilities.

  18. I wear many hats – wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, worker, counselor, teacher, housekeeper, secretary, and most importantly I am a child of God.

  19. Mother of two wonderful little boys, Full time nurse on a labor and delivery floor, wife of an amazing husband, chauffeur, cook, housekeeper, maid (ha ha)…. all wonderful! However in all of the hustle and bustle I get rather overwhelmed. I rush the entire day away and it drives my husband insane!!! Help! I have no idea why everything “needs” to be done right now….

  20. Housekeeper, mom, home repair person, babysitter, mom, single parent, chauffeur, cook, counselor, supervisor, lead, project manager, customer service, Secretary, scheduler, child of God, and more… Currently I’m drowning , but its not always like this.

  21. Loved your quick devo! Thankfully being a military wife, with moves I’ve realized it’s a great opportunity to break + pray about where God wants me to serve + be. And right now it’s in our home, raising our 3 boys w my husband deployed for now. Lots of hats – including garbage-taker-outer ? I would truly love to have your book on my nightstand! Many blessings!

  22. My hats: wife, mother, sister, friend, worker, substitute teacher, house keeper, bill payer, executrix of my sister’s estate, baseball mom, homework checker, grocery shopper … fortunately, my husband does the laundry (among other things.)

  23. I wear the hats of wife, mom, daughter, daughter-in-law, homeschool teacher, Lemongrass Spa director to my team of ladies, chef, maid, nurse…
    Women wear many hats daily. We do it whether we receive a thank you or not. We do it because that’s what we do, were made to do. I always say…A woman’s work is never done. I’ve also changed it to a mom’s work is never done. A teacher’s work is never done. ?

  24. Generally speaking, I like wearing different hats at different times. My problem usually comes into play when I feel like I should be wearing more than one at the same time. I’m a teacher, girlfriend, mom, daughter, sister, friend, neighbor, child of God, homemaker, and Pomeranian owner (or maybe she owns me, not sure…) Thanks!

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