DIY Doily Canvas Art from Katina Miller for Love Your Life Friday!

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Looking for a way to spruce up your walls with some beautiful artwork that doesn’t cost you an arm & a leg? I moved to my new home three years ago, and I’ve been looking for something to fill this wall in my bedroom…so I decided to get creative & make something. This doily canvas artwork is super easy & fun!

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I went to the local craft store and bought a pack of blank canvases, 4 different shaped doilies, and a can of red spray paint. Choose any doily pattern & spray paint of your preference.

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I went outside since I was using spray paint & laid an old towel on the grass. Place the doily’s on the canvas…this is the fun part because you can choose any pattern and arrangement of your liking.

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Once the doilies are in place, spray paint the front & sides of the canvas until you don’t see white anymore. I would recommend wearing some type of gloves. I did not, and ended up with a big mess all over my hands!

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After you paint, wait about 5 minutes and then remove the doilies.

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Once I was done, I let them sit in the grass for about one hour to make sure they were dry.

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I chose to make four canvases, but you can create any amount that works for your home. You can also choose larger size canvases if you would prefer. Enjoy!



12697340_754573518008510_6004657357496378340_oKatina Miller has been married 14 years to her wonderful husband.

Together they serve on their Marriage & Family Ministry team at their church.

She is a busy mom of a Jr. High son and homeschools her daughter in their home in northeastern Ohio.

She is also an Orthopoedic nurse at a local hospital.

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