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COMING NEXT WEEK! 12 Days of Christmas Kindness GIVEAWAYS!!!


SAVE THE DATES!!! Join us here for daily posts.

Make plans now to join us for my 9th annual 12 Days of Christmas series of giveaways. As in past years, there will be a fun giveaway each day {valued at $25 or more} and then an overall grand prize {or two!} valued at $100 or more! And this year, in keeping with the theme of my new book Listen, Love, Repeat: Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World there will be a new twist: ideas for scattering Christmas Kindness. Here is how it works….

*Each day, December 5th through 12th, join us here on my blog. There will be a simple, doable idea for scattering kindness at the holidays given each day.

*There will also be a featured friend of mine—blogger, author, speaker—who will be giving away a fabulous prize. {You are gonna love these generous ladies and you will really love their giveaways!!}

*Our goal is to get y’all spreading some Christmas kindness by doing the simple ideas and also–if you can–posting about it on social media using the hashtags #12DaysOfChristmasKindness and #ListenLoveRepeat It can be a simple thought–or even better, a pic of you {and your people, if you’d like} doing the simple idea.

*To be entered in the giveaway, leave a quick comment on the day’s post.

*The 12 daily winners will be announced on Monday, December 19th. They will be chosen from among the comments on each days post. The GRAND PRIZE winner {and a runner up or two} will be chosen by me–and my ministry team. We’ll be shopping around social media using the hashtags to see who is really getting into the spirit by spreading the CHRISTmas kindness!!!

NOW…if you would be so kind, could you help to spread the word about this series? Simply save the image here and grab the paragraph below it to post on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Or, grab the read- made tweet for Twitter. PLEASE REMEMBER TO TAG “Karen Ehman” on Facebook or karenehman on Instagram. (And give me a follow on those places if you already haven’t)

SEE YOU MONDAY!!! Set an alert on your phone now so you don’t forget!!

Join Karen Ehman for the 12 Days of Christmas Kindness GIVEAWAYS!!!

For Facebook or Instagram: Please attach image above.

Make plans to join Karen Ehman for her 9th annual series of giveaways! The #12DaysOfChristmasKindness begins Monday, December 5th at karenehman.com  ?Each day will feature a simple, doable idea for scattering kindness and also offer a fabulous daily giveaway from one of Karen’s blogger friends. There will also be a grand prize (or two!) for those who post on social media during the challenge showing them (and their people) doing some of the simple ideas. ? Set a reminder on your phone and join the fun on Monday!

For Twitter: 

Yay! @karen_ehman #12DaysOfChristmasKindness begins 12/5! Daily doable ideas to #scatterkindness & fab giveaways at karenehman.com

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  1. I have missed the first 2 days while waiting on a new grand-
    child to arrive, but I look forward to the next 10 days!

  2. “The Twelve Days of Christmas Kindness” -How Fun! Loved reading the timely message of Listen, Love, Repeat. Have a Blessed Holiday season.

  3. I have often wondered how i could help others and I have found cooking up a big pot of tew or chilli as well and sending it around the neighborhood to my elderly friends is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reminding me that i am contributing to others.

  4. I thank the Lord for finding your site today! As much as I love Christmas, I am just not finding the spirit this year. This is just what I needed.

  5. A home full of peace (and PB prints) is where I love to be! Our crock pot – a $5 garage sale find – does its job frequently, and without complaints. May I do the same as a mama of four, wife, sister, daughter, friend.

  6. Sharing the Love! What a blessing!! One of the greatest blessings I received in the last month was preparing a meal for a man who was caring for his sick wife, working a job and staying faithful to Jesus through his ministry of music and faithfulness to church. Thank you for this inspiration! Looking forward to sharing your post and ideas!!

  7. Love this idea! Thanks for being the voice of Jesus today! Want to incorporate this in my family to make Christmas a heart journey for them. Blessings to you and your family!

  8. I recently experienced a very unexpected loss. As a result, a sister from church reached out to me in my home. Her actions as well as trusting The Lord ” when life happens” has prompted me to return to opening my home to those in need. Your P31 devotion on this topic and the 12 days of Christmas giveaway is a reminder to me that The Lord is always right on time. Thank you.


  9. You’ve made me look at my crock pot with its missing handles in a whole new way! May God continue to use your ministry in a mighty way!!

  10. Looking forward
    Sharing your sprinkles of kindness!! Great idea!! 12
    Days of
    Blessings and fun!! God bless!!

  11. Wow! Another Wonderful Woman of Christ is sharing some amazing things! I am all about doing kindness for all! I know in my Heart that is what God wants us to keep on doing! I am really loving the things I am reading about you Karen! I am new to your blog and will definitely get the word out! You are and Amazing young woman with lots to share with other amazing women like myself! Thank you for being here! I am so appreciating you! Merry Christmas!

  12. Heard you today at Christ Community Chapel. Can’t wait to start this. Loved your talk, it was very inspiring. God bless.

  13. I just ordered your new book tonight Karen and am looking forward to getting it in the mail! I love your devotionals and “The Twelve Days of Christmas Kindness” sounds like so much fun!! May God bless you richly this Christmas Season as we rejoice in our Savior’s birth.

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