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For my Birthday I Want a New House (It’s Not for Me & Here’s How You Can Help!)

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Emily. She was the daughter of our close friends Jim and Debi. Her favorite past time was to dress up and play nurse. All she ever wanted to do when she grew up was to serve Jesus, be a wife and mother, and also be a nurse. {Here she is next to our daughter Kenna, holding our son Mitchell in the hospital the day he was born}

After high school, Emily began nursing school and also attended an institute that trains missionaries. It was there that she met a young man named Lane who loved Jesus as much as she did. There was a courtship. A shower. A wedding.  And then seven months after the wedding?

A horribly tragic car accident in the middle of a snowstorm.

Emily was injured and recovered. Lane was left with a traumatic brain injury. Unable to stand on his own. Or walk. Or feed himself. Or provide for his family. He spent 14 months in medical care and rehab centers.

That was over four years ago. Now, Lane and Emily Bargeron and their two-year-old daughter Nyra (Thank you Jesus!!) are serving God in the midst of what many of us would have ourselves a big ole’ pity party over. Their faith and trust blows me away. Blows. Me. Completely. Away. They do not complain. They do not beg, “God get us out of here!” Instead, they humbly and honestly ask, “God, why have you brought us here? Tell us who needs to see the unconditional love of God. Who needs to be shown the gospel?”

See…now you are blown away too.

And that nurse in Emily? It is there. She is grateful to be one of the round-the-clock team members who cares for Lane, who needs just about everything done for him. She would be the first to tell you that her dreams still came true. Just not in the way she thought they would. She is a wife. A mom. And a life-long nurse. She and Lane are missionaries in an out-of-the-box but oh-so-needed way.

This family has need of a house that will be handicap assessable and will accommodate Lane’s many needs, including wide doorways and a place for his rehabilitation equipment. A page has been set up to receive donations to help with the enormous cost of the building such a house. Many contractors are donating their services and our former landlord from our little newlywed apartment is volunteering to spearhead the whole project. The goal is to have little or no mortgage so they are able to have Emily’s income from nursing provide for all of the other costs of living without the added stress of having to take lots of overtime to cover a mortgage. (Local newspaper article found here.)

Today is my birthday. I remember back on my birthdays in elementary school. I was never that excited about what gifts I might get. Instead, I couldn’t wait to take cupcakes to my classmates! I don’t know why, but it thrilled me to give cupcakes to my classmates on a day people normally would give to me. (I’m certain I picked this up from my own mom, the woman who won’t ever tell us what she wants for her birthday or Christmas. She just wants to spend time with her loved ones and see them happy. Same!!!)

And so, this year for my birthday I am asking that you help me deliver a boatload of cupcakes to the Bargeron family. Like as in dozens and dozens, all piped high with sweet frosting and sprinkled with the kindness of God from complete strangers who read about their situation and responded in love, knowing they’ll never be thanked this side of heaven. (However, I can assure you that Lane will dance a little jig in heaven to thank you, once he gets his new perfect body!)

Please, please head to the donation page and give something. Anything. I don’t care if it is the amount of money it would have cost you to treat me to a coconut mocha latte on my birthday. All I want for my birthday is a new home for the Bargeron family. Or should I say a new ministry center? I just know that the entire neighborhood where this house is being built will be shown an accurate picture of the gospel of Christ. They will get a glimpse of the God who never leaves no matter how awful the circumstances or how shattered the dreams may seem.

Lane and Emily were on the fast track to becoming missionaries. They wanted to share the gospel in a foreign land. But instead, God called them to share the gospel with the hundreds (thousands maybe?) of people they would meet through this tragic accident and the long road to recovery that follows. Nevertheless, the gospel is being preached–both quietly and out loud. Over and over again.

Will you help this young family, please and thank you?

It will be my best birthday present ever.


To donate to the Bargerons, simply click here. You have my eternal gratitude!!!!

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  1. Thanks you sharing the story of this wonderful family. I too was led to donate and they will be in my prayers always!

  2. Crying…Thank you, Karen! Beautiful, accurate, moving summary of the story of this extraordinary couple.

  3. You sound like me :).

    They are truly inspirational give them my Love and {{{{hugz}}}} from me :)

    I have posted this on my “Charity”, “It’s All About Love” x 2, “Marriage”, “Emergency Prayer Request”, “Petitions I Believe In” Boards at Pinterest and posted this on my Google + and Twitter but it also went to FB as well as I have my Pinterest linked to both Twitter and FB :) and now I am getting ready to post it other places I visit as well :)

  4. What a remarkable family! Thank you for sharing. I will join in prayers that their new home will be completed SOON, and that their burdens will be decreased. And above all, that their lives would continue to serve as witness to the power and love of Jesus Christ!

  5. Karen! I have been so excited to see the progress on their home. I had no idea that you are such a close friend, and I have been so touched by their story. I am honored to make a donation to this beautiful cause on your behalf. Happy birthday!

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