When You’re Dealing with Loss

I can’t think of a single person in my circle of friends—or among the members of my family—who hasn’t suffered some sort of loss in the last year or two.

It might be the loss of a relationship such as a fractured friendship or broken engagement.

It may be the loss of financial status due to a job change, or even a job being eliminated because of downsizing.

Of course, there are those who are grieving the death of someone close to them.

And who among us hasn’t felt loss when we think about what our lives were like before the pandemic. We grieve the loss of “normal” as we knew it.

I once heard it said that grief is a full-time job. I have found out that this is terribly true! In barely the last three years, I have suffered many losses. Ten different people in my extended family have passed away including both of my parents, my mother-in-law, and my stepmom. I am also dealing with what is called “anticipatory loss” that is looming on the horizon as someone I am very close to is going to be moving several states away. And like you, I’m sure, there is so much that has changed due to the pandemic that at times it makes me teary-eyed.

While I am no expert at grief and loss, I have certainly had to quickly learn how to cope with life in a way that lines up with scripture and is healthy rather than destructive. This has been my aim: I don’t want to just grit my teeth and “get through” my grief. I desire to actually learn how to grow through my grief, leaning hard on Jesus and developing empathy and compassion for others who hurt. I have seen God cause this to be so. As much as I hate the losses I have endured, I can honestly say my relationship with God has NEVER been stronger or deeper. 

It can be that way for you too.

When it came time to decide what new mini-course I would be leading in My Mentorship Courses this summer, I knew I had to share all I have been learning about living with loss and going through grief. And I am not the only one who will be sharing and teaching in this practical course. On one of the 10 days of content, an expert in grief and loss—as well as in childhood trauma—Dr. Julia Williams will be our guest, giving us practical tools for coping with life after loss.

Our three new mini-courses (more about the other two below), contain 10 days of content. This content is both written and via video. There are devotions and a downloadable PDF workbook and also some helpful bonus content, including a playlist for when you are grieving. These courses release June 6th, but they are not something you need to do in a specific time frame.  Beginning that day, all 10 days of content will be available for you to consume at your own pace. You could do it over 10 days or 10 weeks if you’d like. We designed it to allow you to fit it into your unique schedule and at your own pace.

The other new minicourses being offered are Learning to Pray led by Ruth Schwenk and The Strong Single Mom led by Courtney Joseph.

I hope that God uses what I have learned about him and his comfort to in turn help you to grow closer to God as you walk through your sadness.

To sign up for one of these courses (or to buy a bundle of all three for the price of two), simply click here.

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