LET. IT. GO. Bible Study DVD Giveaway

Have I got a deal for you!

Zondervan is giving away copies of my DVD and Bible study guide over at Small Group Source. Here is how is works:

Answer the following question in the comments section AT THAT SITE 9not here on mine), and for every 100 unique comments, we will giveaway 5 Let It Go DVDs and study guides.  So if 100 people comment, we will randomly pick 5 of those commenters to win a DVD/study guide pack; if 1,000 people comment, we will randomly pick 50 commenters to win a DVD/study guide pack; if 5,000 people comment, we will give out 250 packs; and if 10,000 people comments, well, you get the point.

So, here is the question:

What is an area of your life that you love to call the shots?

Answer that in the comments below by 3pm EST, and we will pick our winners then.

To get to the site to enter, CLICK HERE.

Remember….don’t leave a comment here. The contest is being run at Small Group Source.

(PS. Calendar winners from last Friday’s post will be announced tomorrow)

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  1. All aspects of my life – kids, work, home, family, etc. I’m trying to learn to enjoy moments as they come and focus on Gid’s plan and will, but it is difficult for me.

  2. It is a continual surrender to give Him the reigns of control in all areas of my life. I guess that is why the Lord had me memorize 2 Peter 1:6 NIV to start the New Year: “NEXT, learn to put aside your own desires, so that you may become patient and godly, GLADLY letting God have His way with you.”

  3. All areas of my life I call the shots, been hurt too many times and do not trust too many people with what I value most and that is me and my heart!

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