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Having a Martha Home the Mary Way {GIVEAWAY!!!}

Got housework? Yeah you do.

But you also have a soul that needs tending to. If you’ve struggled under the weight of all there is to do and be as a woman who makes a home, I want to tell you about a place to discover refreshment and relief for your weary, overwhelmed soul. Oh….and a ton of cleaning hints and strategies.

If your homemaking habits—or lack there of—could use a little boost, and you also long to have a clean heart too, check out the new book by my friend Sarah Mae called Having a Martha Home the Mary Way. {If you’ve not heard of the sisters Mary and Martha from the Bible, one was a cleaner and one clung to Jesus. This book helps you clean like Martha and cling to Jesus like Mary.}

Having a Martha Home the Mary Way by Sarah Mae

Having a Martha Home the Mary Way is for those of us who are still drowning a bit in housework, but who need to know that our identity is not in the work or the expectations put on us. At the heart, this book is about love, loving ourselves and others through a home that offers rest and peace and welcome. It is a move towards gentle homemaking, where we accept our limitations with grace, and offer that same grace to those who come under our roofs and into our care.

Having a Martha Home the Mary Way will help you…

  • Learn the art of gentle homemaking – being gentle with yourself and others
  • Learn the beautiful balance between being a “Mary” and a “Martha” – We need both!
  • Finally release the guilt that you have to be a certain type of homemaker to be a “good” one
  • Be inspired to clean! Yes, really! And it can be fun!

If you would like to be entered to win a copy of Having a Martha Home the Mary Way, leave a comment with your least favorite cleaning chore. Winner announced Wednesday. In the mean time, head over to Sarah’s blog for a fun post on cleaning for the domestically challenged.

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  1. My least favorite housekeeping chore is scrubbing our walk-in shower! The book sounds wonderful; fingers crossed I win the give-away. If not, I put it on my Amazon wish list..

  2. My least favorite chore? There’s a least favorite? Oh my. Um. Let’s see. Well, it used to be dusting. Now I think it is just cleaning in general. Maybe laundry since the washer/dryer is in the basement and I have to go up and down the steps to do it and I hate basements. Or maybe mopping. Vacuuming? See, I can’t pick just one. :-)

  3. Does everything count?! Kidding (sort of)! Some cleaning I find therapeutic (seriously), but my least favorite is cleaning the floors (vacuuming, sweeping, and/or mopping). As soon as it’s done, I find myself picking up hair and food all over again. It never ends!

  4. I don’t like to clean the showers..I can’t get some of the black out of the grout and I am constantly looking on Pinterest for ideas on how to clean more effectively.

  5. I love the idea of not doing it all all the time but making it a journey.
    I absolutely love the idea of having to make socks. It always seems like you’re missing one, I’m not sure what is the dryer do them?

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