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DIY Beaded Tassel Earrings for #LoveYourLifeFriday

DIY Beaded Tassel Earrings by Sarah Lundgren for #LoveYourLifeFriday at karenehman.com.

Mother’s Day is just a few days away, and I absolutely love to make homemade treasures for the wonderful mothers in my life. One of my sweet momma’s favorite gifts is homemade jewelry, and I knew exactly what I wanted to make for her this Mother’s Day.

I have been obsessed with all the adorable beaded tassel earrings that are so fashionable right now, but wanted to make my own version. As I was searching my local Michael’s craft store for all the supplies I would need I stumbled on the absolute perfect product! Beaded tassel charms. Squeal! Not only do these gems make it an absolute cinch to make a pair of earrings, but you can always buy more and make a matching necklace too! Bonus…I found the charms on clearance so these earrings cost me less than $3 to make! Here are all the supplies you need to make these adorable earrings:


  • Two beaded tassel charms – or any two charms of your choosing
  • A set of ear wires of your choosing – my favs are always the leverback variety
  • Needle nose pliers made for jewelry

DIY beaded tassel earrings on KarenEhman.com for #LoveYourLifeFriday by Sarah Lundgren

Next, we make the earrings! You are not going to believe how simple these are to make. These earrings literally take less than one minute to make and are completely adorable.


  1. Gently use your small needle nose pliers to open the jump ring at the bottom of your ear wire.DIY beaded tassel earrings on KarenEhman.com for #LoveYourLifeFriday by Sarah Lundgren
  2. Slip your beaded tassel charm into the open ring of the ear wire and then use your pliers to close the ring.DIY beaded tassel earrings on KarenEhman.com for #LoveYourLifeFriday by Sarah Lundgren
  3. Voila! You are DONE! It almost doesn’t seem right that they are that easy amiright?! Now, you are ready wear your fabulous new earrings or you can package them up and surprise someone you love.DIY beaded tassel earrings on KarenEhman.com for #LoveYourLifeFriday by Sarah Lundgren

Remember, you can always take this a step further and get an extra charm to make a matching necklace. What I love about this simple DIY is that you can completely customize this and use any charm you love for an adorable new pair of earrings!

I hope you enjoy this DIY as much as I do. And, even more importantly, I hope you have an absolutely fabulous and BLESSED day!




Sarah Lundgren has a passion for all things sparkly, loves God with her whole heart, and is known to love Starbucks chai lattes a whole lot, too. Sarah is currently snuggled in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan with her sweet hubby, J. Her full-time job is making pretty things all day long for her Etsy business, so sarah designs, but she also loves writing devotions at The Glorious Table.

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  1. Hi Karen,
    Do you know if they sell them on eBay or anyway
    Thank you these are wonderful, do you know of anyone that would post a pair to Australia, please? I love what you did here.

    Kindest Regards,

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