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Day 4 of 12 Days of Christmas! (with Andrea Brouwer)

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It’s Day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways! If you’re just joining in, be sure to start at Day 1 here.

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Day 4: Favorite Christmas Decoration

Our day four guest is a new friend of mine, Andrea Brouwer, also known as 31 Girl at Home. She is a wife to Jason, mother to Abigail and Caleb, a daughter, sister, caregiver, friend, mentor, dreamer, and most importantly believer in the One True King. She is also a DIY and lifestyle expert. (You’ll want to be sure to follow her on Instagram. ) And now, welcome Andrea!

As a DIY project lover, I love to decorate, especially at the holidays. Besides the nativity that my mother-in-law bought for me piece by piece over the years, I’d have to say my favorite Christmas decorations are our Christmas lights.

My goal for our house has always been to make it a home, and there is nothing better during the holidays than dimming the lights and letting the twinkle of the Christmas lights give your home that magical glow. 

For today’s quick question, tell us what your favorite holiday decoration is and also why. Is it an heirloom nativity? A vintage snowman? A lovely tree topper? Answer and you might win my giveaway!

Day 4 Giveaway

Thanks Andrea! For day four, Andrea is giving away a set of three Plant Therapy Holiday Essential Oil Blends and an Opal House Essential Oil Diffuser. To enter, simply answer today’s question below in the comments section. And remember, if you want to be entered to win the grand prize, you must comment on all 12 days!


Hello! I am Andrea and I am the gal behind 31 Girl at Home! I am wife to Jason, mother to Abigail and Caleb, daughter, sister, caregiver, friend, mentor, dreamer, and most importantly believer in the One True King! I started my home decor journey on Instagram as a creative outlet to share our DIY home improvement projects, ideas on how to make your house a home, and other lifestyle content.  It is amazing what can happen when you completely surrender something over to God. My life, marriage, and job are three beautiful examples of that.  


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  1. My favorite Christmas decorations are the ornaments we hang on the tree. Each year we gave each of our two children an ornament and we bought one for ourselves. Most of the ornaments were dated. Now as we decorate the tree we think back to the memories of that year.

  2. I have two favorites for Christmas decor. One is the ceramic nativity set my mother made for me when I got married so that I would have one to display. I haven’t done as good a job putting it out lately because I’m not sure of the best, most honorable place to put it. The second would be a set of carolers my sister had. She died in 2009 of ovarian cancer at the age of 51. I’m not sure what the carolers are made of, but I think it is some kind of heavy paper that was formed into a beautiful woman and girl, man and boy, with music in their hands and their cute little mouths formed into “o’s.” @karenehman #12daysofchristmasgiveaways

  3. We love a lot of lights. We love our Christmas tree, and have a collection of miniature trees. We have an indoor nativity, and this was the first year we placed one outside in our yard too

  4. Some of my favorite decorations are a few ornaments that my mother gave me of places she went on vacation. Also, some ornaments that I got when i went on trips with my Sunday School class. or other places I visited. I have two ornaments that I got when I went to Italy when my daughter was there. Her husband was stationed there in the army.

  5. My favorite decoration is the angel on top of the tree because it reminds me of the angel that visits Mary..

  6. My favorite decorations are our nativity scene that goes in a Christmas village and our Christmas tree. I always start Christmas decorations with the nativity scene to remind me that it is Jesus’ birth that is the reason for the season. The Christmas tree gives me a place to express the creativity God has given to each one of us. Having grown up in a country we did not have access to a real tree, I have always looked forward to being able to decorate a fresh-cut Christmas tree.

  7. Our favorite is the little angel tree topper we purchased in Germany at the Nuremburg Christkindle Markt when our children were small 38 years ago. It’s just cardboard and a glued-on dress, but it brings special memories of that day

  8. I have so many but 1 is a cross that shows the nativity with a cut out in the shape of a star over head. When the lights are lit on the tree it looks like the star is sparkling.

  9. My favorite Christmas decoration is lights. On our staircase, on our tree, outside, around windows, in my Christmas village, in my kids room, other people’s houses. Something magic about lights

  10. My favorite Christmas decoration is a small music box nativity set. My dad purchased if for me on the day I was diagnosed with cancer 21 years ago (12/3) . I love putting it out every year because it reminds me that God took care of me and that my dad loves me very much.

  11. Our son died in December so my favorite decoration is one of those handpainted ornaments that have all of our family members’ names on it. Including his!

  12. Our family ornament that I got at a craft fair shortly after my last child was born 16 years ago. It is a string of handmade gingerbread men and each one has our name on it

  13. My favorite Christmas decoration is a small collection of nutcrackers that my family has. Each of them is a fun reminder of a cool place that we went together and bought the nutcracker as a souvenir.

  14. I have a few ornaments that were painted by my grandmother and given to me when I was a baby. I was very close to her; she knew sign language and always talked to me in ASL (I’m deaf). She passed away when I was 6 so these ornaments are very special to me.

  15. This year I wasn’t in the mood to decorate. I live alone and since I’m blind it didn’t make sense for me to decorate. I do usually decorate a tree and I enjoy thinking about each ornament and what they mean to me. One decoration I have that I love is an angel tree topper. She’s too big for my little tree so I usually just sit her on my table. My grandmother gave her to me several years ago. Her dress is full of beads, little roses, and ribbons and I think she’s very pretty. She also lights up even though I can’t see it.

  16. My favorite decoration is the tree filled with antique family ornaments, and lots of home made items. I have a collection of nativities and this year the focus seems to be Angel’s! I love them all!

  17. My favorite ornaments have always been what my children have made over the years. But I have to add a new one. My best friend bought me a 25th Anniversary ornament 2 years ago for my husband and I. It was the only gift we received for our anniversary, but it was so special that she remembered it, and it was a special time for us.

  18. I have a stuffed reindeer I got as a child. When I bring it out at Christmas, it reminds me of the fun of the season and makes me hopeful that one day I can share that fun with my own children.

  19. My favorite Christmas decoration are the live plants that bloom indoors. I get such joy seeing the blooms on a Christmas cactus, which started from a cutting from my mother-in-law’s. I buy paper white bulbs each year and put them in a special pot to grow and bloom by Christmas.

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