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DIY End-of-Summer Sand Bowls

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It’s #LoveYourLifeFriday!

FullSizeRender-4Today, contributor Chessa Moore gives a fun and fabulous end-of-summer project that will be a part of your decor. Here is a pic of Chessa and me when I spoke recently at her summer community event in beautiful Bethany Beach on the shores of Lake Michigan. Her cottage was full of way cool DIY products, many with a beach theme. Today she shares the how-to for one of them–sand bowls.

Fun end-of-summer DIY--Sand Bowls! On #LoveYourLifeFriday at karenehman.com

Summer is coming to an end and it’s time for one last DIY project that is virtually free!
This is a fun and easy project for DIYers of all ages!
 With all the school glue on sale you could pick up a couple extra bottles
and some sand from your last summer trip to the beach.
 I grabbed the following supplies:

 a plastic disposable cup,

plastic disposable spoon (for stirring),

 beach sand (or you can buy it at your local craft store),

plastic wrap,


and white school glue.

 I started by wrapping the kitchen bowl with a couple layers of plastic wrap,
covering the entire bowl.
Add some sand to your plastic cup and then start pouring in the glue.
Mix equal parts sand and glue. Start stirring with your plastic spoon.
Until you get a nice consistency.
*NOTE: the above picture shows you that the sand/glue mixture is TOO thick!
 Here’s a picture of sand/glue mixture that is too thick (left) and just the right consistency (right).
And here’s me getting giddy excited about the latest DIY project.
Start pouring your sand/glue mixture over the bowl.
I used my spoon (fork in this case-it’s what I had!) to smooth out the sand/glue.
You may or may not need to smooth it out.
The mixture will drip down the side. I ended up pouring on 3 coats,
letting each coat dry about 12 hours in between.
It’s a great place for me to display my beach glass treasures.
No two bowls will ever look alike.
I think it’s a unique little craft that just about anyone can do!

famliy2Chessa Moore is the wife of Ben and the mother to teens and near-teens: Sidney, Tyler and Katelyn. She’s the kind of girl who can’t sit still and always has to be creating something. If she sees something she likes, she sets out to determine a way to create it herself! Occasionally, this means she gets her handy-husband and creative-kiddo’s involved in the project(voluntarily or otherwise)!

You can find her documenting these adventures on her blog, Antsi-Pants. Chessa loves to spend her summers in Michigan, on the beaches of Lake Michigan, enjoying the mild winters in North Carolina, and checking out God’s creative handiwork, every place in between. Check out Chessa’s Etsy shop where you can pick up some of her crafted treasures.

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  1. Beautiful! Awesome! I was thinking of making a bud vase. Instead of using a vase and covering it with plastic I wonder if I could use a pillar candle, and then I might not have to use the plastic. When you pull the plastic wrap away from the sand mixture, was it stuck? Or did it slide off? Thank you for your instructions and the pictures definitely help.

  2. I just read this and I really need it TODAY!!!! My list continues to grow and I feel so pulled in so many directions. I needed to be reminded of Colossians :23-24. Thank you so much for this today…it really spoke to my heart!!!!

  3. Karen–you look great in the photo and I thought, ahhh, that photo reminds me of growing up days and summer vacations in Minnesota in a cabin. Enjoying our last few days of summer. School starts Monday—ugh!! Mom and kids saying that. I want to keep them home forever!

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