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ADORABLE DIY Plush Pumpkins

 Adorable & easy DIY plush pumpkins on #LoveYour Life Friday at karenehman.comAren’t these just the cutest little things?!
These adorable little pumpkins are easy to make and I’m going to show you how!
 I grabbed my girlfriend and 1/2 yard (each color)
of this minky soft fleece at my local Hobby Lobby.
We gathered up the following supplies and then got to work;
Thread in my three colors and a nice thick-ish needle.
Dry beans (for weight). This is what I had in the pantry. Any kind of bean will do.
 Pumpkin stems (found at the bottom on the bin where pumpkins are sold!)
You can also use sticks, they’ll look cute too!
Two large trays (19″ and 16″) and a dinner plate to trace for each size pumpkin.
You’ll also need some polyfill (stuffing) or plastic bags and a glue gun.
 Start by tracing out your circle on the back side of the fabric.
 I used this fancy Disapearing Ink/Mark-be-Gone pen (found at craft and fabric stores),
but you could use a pencil and it would work just the same.
 Cut out the fabric circle.
 Stitch around the fabric circle with big wide stitches so it’s easy to gather.
 When you come back around to where you started, pull the thread to gather the fabric.
 Before you close it up, add a handfull of beans
(maybe 1/4 to 1/2 a cup depending on your pumpkin size).
Then add the polyfill or pastic bags.
 Close up the hole by hand stitching back and forth.
Making it nice and tight so it’s hard to see the seam.
Hot glue your fabric stem to the top of the pumpkin.
And in no time at all you can make a bunch of theses adorable Plush Fabric Pumpkins!
 This could be a great project to get the kids involved in too!
 I love displaying them in a group.
Between my friend and I, we each made 8 and I still have some fabric left!
Happy Fall Y’all!

famliy2Chessa Moore is the wife of Ben and the mother to teens and near-teens: Sidney, Tyler and Katelyn. She’s the kind of girl who can’t sit still and always has to be creating something. If she sees something she likes, she sets out to determine a way to create it herself! Occasionally, this means she gets her handy-husband and creative-kiddo’s involved in the project(voluntarily or otherwise)!

You can find her documenting these adventures on her blog, Antsi-Pants. Chessa loves to spend her summers in Michigan, on the beaches of Lake Michigan, enjoying the mild winters in North Carolina, and checking out God’s creative handiwork, every place in between. Check out Chessa’s Etsy shop where you can pick up some of her crafted treasures.

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