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DIY Burlap Wreath

Super cute & easy DIY burlap wreath on #LoveYourLifeFriday at karenehman.com

To brighten up your front door this fall, and in every season, here’s a DIY Burlap Wreath! You can easily change out the flowers and other decorations and make it a wreath for all seasons.

DIY Burlap Wreath


Step 1: Go to your favorite craft store and pick out your wreath size, ribbon choice(s), and other wreath add ons. The key for the burlap is get the very wide roll (not just the ribbon size) without wire on the edges. The wider the burlap the better, and the more full your wreath will look.

Note: It takes about 2-3 rolls of the size shown here to complete the “normal” size wreath.

Step 2: Secure the end of your burlap to the wreath frame by wrapping in a few times and tucking in tightly. The bulk of your burlap should be on the backside of the wreath frame. (This is important to note so you do not have to pull the entire roll through the frame each time.)



Loop 1

Loop 2


Step 3: Fill out your wreath by pulling a portion of the burlap from the back of the wreath frame to the front. Give it a little fluff for volume. As you pull through you have a loop on the front side of the wreath frame, with two ends going out the back of the wreath frame. (Think of it like creating the bunny ears from when you learned how to tie your shoes.) From there pull the next loop through another spot in the frame in the same manner. It’s good to move around a little between the middle and outside of the frame to make sure you have volume around the entire wreath. In this step, you are determining the “fluffiness” of the wreath by how tightly and how many loops you pull through to the front side of the wreath frame. As you work around the wreath frame, tuck the burlap securely when you reach your starting point.

repeating pushing through frame


Step 4: If you have a second ribbon you want to add in for detail, secure and then weave through, tucking a small piece behind the wreath frame periodically to hold securely.

Starting second ribbon

Second ribbon 3

Step 5: “Fluff” the burlap and any other ribbon to your desired state. You can pull it around and tuck where needed.

Intial variation


Spring+Summer VariationStep 6: Add more details with a flower, wooden or metal initial or other decorations. Flowers with stems are easily tucked into the fold of burlap and between the wreath frame.


Variations of this wreath could be made for any season by changing out the ribbon, changing the burlap into the holiday mesh (see below), or tieing your additional ribbon in at the beginning and working it through the wreath alongside your burlap. If you are adding on little decorations (like the snowflakes in my holiday version), you will also want to purchase thin wire or pipe cleaners in order to secure each decoration.

Between the burlap wreath, and the holiday variation, my front door is adorned all year with this simple DIY!

About Laurelin:

17834841628_748de38706_o (1)Laurelin is a School Psychologist and Special Education Supervisor in West Michigan ( and my amazing niece!)

She and her husband of nearly nine years, Travis, live near Lake Michigan. Travis is a Supply Chain Manager at a furniture manufacturing company.

They love living close to Lake Michigan and enjoy all outdoor activities including spending time with the most adorable pup in the world (not that they are biased), Rooney.

They also enjoy traveling and experiencing the world together. They are anxiously waiting to expand their family through adoption, and can’t wait to share their love with a little one (or two)!

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