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Day 9 of 12 Days of Christmas! (with Jodie Berndt)

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Day 9: Favorite Childhood Christmas Memory

Today our guest is my friend Jodie Berndt. You may recognize her from past Christmas giveaways. She is a speaker and the bestselling author of the Praying the Scriptures series for Children, Teens, and Adult Children. And now, welcome Jodie!

I had two grandmothers growing up. One of my grandmothers had all the gifts wrapped, tagged and stored in her sewing room closet by September. My other grandma never gave us anything—at least not something you could wrap. She just prayed for us and, in return, she asked us to memorize a Bible verse (one she chose) as our gift to her every year.

As a child, I did NOT like Bible-Verse Gammy’s approach. I much preferred wrap-and-tag Grandma. But now, as a mom with four kids and a grandchild of her own, I see the wisdom in Bible Gammy’s approach. All the verses she asked us to memorize, year after year, have done more for my wisdom, strength, and joy than any dollhouse or new bicycle ever could. And I am confident that Gammy’s prayers released more untold blessings (and protected me from more untold harms) than I could ever imagine. Truly, prayer is the best gift we can give to the people we love! And Gammy’s prayers and scriptures is my most treasured Christmas memory.

For our question today, what is one childhood memory of Christmas you truly treasure? Tell us in the comments section and you could win my giveaway!

Day 9 Giveaway

For day nine, Jodie is giving away a three-book bundle including Praying the Scriptures for Your Children: 20th Anniversary Edition, Praying the Scriptures for Your Teens, and Praying the Scriptures for Your Adult Children.


Jodie Berndt is the bestselling author of the Praying the Scriptures series for Children, Teens, and Adult Children. A natural speaker and Bible teacher, Jodie has appeared on Focus on the Family, the 700 Club, and a host of popular podcasts, and she has written for Fox News, Club31Women, Proverbs 31 Ministries, and other media outlets. Jodie has four adult children; she and her husband, Robbie, live in Virginia.


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  1. My dad would always put a large basket of fruits and nuts by the Christmas tree, and he would always buy a box of stick candy, and chocolate covered cherries. He loved Christmas and decorating. I miss him and my mom so much!

  2. Dropping off gifts and decorations with a family who wasn’t going to have a Christmas. They lived in a motel, and I will never forget the good feeling of driving up to that room and dropping things off.

  3. Favorite Christmas memory is the last Christmas we had with my LH. You can’t repeat it but you can treasure it.

  4. My favorite Christmas memories are of when the whole family used to get together., especially those that are no longer with us. Just enjoying each others company, singing Christmas songs together, making cookies together, and watching Christmas classics together.

  5. What a beautiful story! One of my best memories of Christmases growing up was buying a small Christmas tree for Mrs. Buckley when we bought our own tree at the Kiwanis Christmas Tree Sale. She was a widow lady who kept the nursery at church. She had no family close by. We took the tree to her house, stood it in a stand on the small table in front of her picture window, and waited for her to get the old hat boxes filled with lights and Christmas ornaments from years past. While my sisters and I decorated her tree and sang Christmas carols, she put banana bread in the oven and poured cold glasses of CocaCola! We did this every year I can remember, until Mrs. Buckley went on to spend her Christmases in Heaven! I look forward to seeing her again one day! :)

  6. My aunt and uncle hosted our big extended family Christmas every year. They had 3 boys, so I would go over to their house to help them get ready for the party and I felt like part of the family, getting to be like a “daughter” in their family of boys ;) Such great memories.

  7. One of my favorite memories is staying home all day on Christmas with my parents and siblings. We would open presents while listening to Reba’s christmas tapes…..especially the baby Jesus song….opening a present just for him!!!

  8. My most treasured memories is our family Christmas parties at my Auntie Pina and Uncle John’s house. Our large, Italian family would all get together, eat, talk, and just enjoy being together.

  9. My siblings and I would always get a new pair of jammies for Christmas and always got to open that present ealry! Plus, my mom always washed them before she wrapped them so we could put them on right away!

  10. I remember going to each of my great grandmother’s houses and sharing a Christmas meal with them. They both have been gone for several years now, but I cherish the memories!

  11. Christmas Eve church service: plus our parents always stayed to talk to everyone until they locked the church doors while I was so anxious to go home and open Christmas gifts! After gifts we would have a bowl of peppermint ice cream, my mom’s favorite!

  12. I am one of eight kids and we did not have a lot financially when I was a child. But I will always remember on Christmas morning I woke up to see my older sister place a mandarin orange next to me on my pillow. I then woke up and was delighted to see that we younger kids each received a bag of goodies and a mandarin orange that year. We didn’t get that every year so that made it very special. Prayer and music were also always a big part of everything we did as a family. I remember singing and praying as a family was always part of our Christmas.

  13. I treasure my memories of having Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa’s house with all my cousins. We are all spread out around the country now and do not get to see each other very much.

  14. Re-enacting the Nativity scene with my 4 cousins while the Christmas story in Luke was read before we opened gifts.

  15. Well, this may seem silly, but I already shared some other Christmas memories in previous comment posts. One memory I treasure is a gift I used to give my dad. You see, my dad died in a farm accident when I was 8 years old. He was only 33. So the Christmases we had with him were few. For some reason, I remember he used the product Vitalis, which I believe was a hair gel. Each year I would go into the dime store with my mom and buy him a little bottle of Vitalis. And every year he would be as happy as could be (for my benefit, I’m sure), but he always made me feel like I had bought him the best gift in the world.

    @karenehman #12daysofchristmasgiveaways

  16. Christmas eve party was big in number and food was amazing– all of our traditional Puerto Rican foods at my aunts; parents were divorced and living in different states and my dad mailed me a Cabbage Patch doll– I was so excited!

  17. I only remember my mother’s mother growing up. She was the only grandmother I knew. I can remember her house at Christmas. Every year she made Christmas cookies. And every kind of fudge there was. Even divinity and rum balls, made with imitation rum flavor. We couldn’t wait to go to Grandma’s house..

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